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Glass sun room

Date: 2014-12-16    Views: 134    Author: qinghaozheyang
Sun room, also known as glass house, English name: winter garden. Sun room with glass and metal frame built Ming non-traditional architecture, in order to achieve and enjoy the sun, close to the purpose of nature. Sun room is home to the pursuit of natural, fashion advocated building. Sun room is widely used in the North China needs study in Shanghai Victory Industrial establishments according to the needs and personal preferences for the design and construction, interior decoration can be decorated according to personal preference. Balcony or terrace sun room, within the entire room, so even the visual is very important. Need to consider to be consistent with the overall style of the building, but the overall tone is as consistent as possible. Steel and aluminum structure of the sun room in a foreign country is mainly because some sun room is too large, because of the high-strength steel, and easy welding, so the use of steel frame, aluminum electrode. Build a large sun room. While in the country (especially Shanghai) because the sun room is a new thing, and the price is high, so in order to reduce costs, namely the use of a steel-aluminum (aluminum-clad sun room), as the structural steel to meet the intensity of the main issues , and aluminum as surface decoration, so the sun room and durable, more beautiful.

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