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Date: 2016-11-09    Views: 125    Author: yzx2014
Xu Zhongnan introduction Xu Zhongnan (1872-1953), the name of Gai, word rushed south, No. Bamboo elderly, vegetarian name habitat Bishan Hall, Nanchang people. Dai Qing Dynasty painter works affected Hee deeper, its composition, pen, colors and Dai Hee almost exactly the same, at the same time, but also by the impact of maritime painting and Dongpo of Song literati painter of porcelain painting 徐仲南First identified Xu painted bamboo deleting a lot of tedious detail, but a composition plexus, everything is decent, density shades quite permissive. Yang mostly bamboo leaves, the wind turned the blade tip twist, no dull the spacious, lively and refreshing, Xiao Shu Zongyi. Obtaining the evacuation of imitators often form layout average, lack the combination of rhythm, around levels not very clear, no messy chapter. Second, when Xu skimming leaves with confidence, meaning first, condensed at not cramped in the pen, the whole force without bitterness. Imitator to live in a pen-shaped first, look at a stroke step, therefore strokes sluggish, uneven material, tendons and the lack of power. Third Tsui Huazhu dry, bamboo, ink rhyme neat powerful strokes, vigorous upright, Qimai coherent, steadily rhyme, showing fresh bamboo section show Lingyun gas. The imitators strokes off slightly, cramped atheism, material and color astringent stagnation. Xu grasp the characteristics of coloring, also works really pseudo key differentiator. Tsui to ink painting after skimming leaves, and not on each leaf fill color, but rather focus on a cluster of one group, holistic, taking pass to Fu Cai Yun tactics. The imitator no chest of bamboo,

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