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Auto volume regulator benefits

Date: 2016-11-18    Views: 276    Author: lyaudiotech

There are many satellite TV stations, and cable broadcasting and TV stations, whose signals come from different countries, and regions with different humidity, climate and criteria, so each broadcasting station must have too many programs and ads from different sources, apparently their volumes are varied. When audiences are switching the programs or ads, the sudden change of volumes make them feel uncomfortable. Volume regulator can save the trouble to adjust volume from time to time. 
When switching TV stations, ads, CDs or songs, volume regulator will regulate their volumes automatically reduce the volume differences. As human ears are born with adaptability, we may annoy neighborhood even without notice. 
When people are listening to 100dB volume, it causes permanent hearing damage; when the volume is over 110dB, it cause inner ears’ hairy cell death, more badly or even hearing loss. It’s worried that patients can hardly recover because early hearing damages are hard to discover while sudden deaf needs some treating time. 

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