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Volume Decibel

Date: 2016-11-18    Views: 302    Author: lyaudiotech

30dB: the jet takes off 

110dB: the propeller airplane takes off 

105dB: permanent hearing damage 

100dB: air-pressure drill 

90dB: noise bars 

≤85dB: not damage the hairy cells in cochlea

80dB: noise offices 

75dB: the up limit that human ears feel comfortable 

70dB: streets 

50dB: regular conversions 

20dB: whispering

≥105dB: Permanent hearing damage

Nationwide sampling survey on hearing loss conducted by British charity organization tells that, 68% of 16 to 34-year-old British people have never noticed that too high volume will cause permanent hearing damage. 
Computer audio frequencies come from diversified sources and have wide ranges, so their volumes are quite inconsistent. Human ears’ good adaptability makes us hurting our hearing unconsciously.


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