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Media system has stable power voltage but n..

Date: 2016-11-18    Views: 270    Author: lyaudiotech

In the coming multimedia era, loose standards on audio frequencies cause more and more serious troubles. In the old times, one disk, tape, CD or LD is made by the same person in the same time, adjust its volume only once when playing it is enough, but now, songs and movies made by hundreds of recording companies or TV companies are played in your media player, the audio input voltage ranges from 0.2Vp-p to 5Vp-p. It is not reasonable to get sharply-differentiated signals into your media player and amplify them, besides troubles, people and media equipment will also get injured. No wonder “VOLUME REGULATOR” has big sales on internet and in supermarkets in U.S.A, who has rigorous attitude to criteria. In our modern and exquisite times, VOLUME REGULATOR shall be valued as much as “power voltage regulator”. 
VOD music pool is not like MIDI karaoke player whose songs are usually produced by the same manufacturer, but has many different disk sources. VOD player has ten to hundred thousand of songs from hundreds of recording companies, and these songs may be authorized, pirate, uncompressed, compressed, copied, or even gathered from several deciphered hard disks, sometimes, songs may be added by customers themselves. This is a mix pool. Customers have different favors, understanding on audio frequency voltages, management concepts, and media equipment. It costs too much time and money to sort so many songs. 
“Volume voltage regulator” ALC-05M, ALC-05PC, VR-TV and VR-5 produced by SHENZHEN FINE SOURCE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD ( are matured products, constantly developed from the applications of KARAOKE and digital cable TV.

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