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Safety instruction of power extension cord

Date: 2016-11-18    Views: 290    Author: lyaudiotech

Safety instruction of power extension cord:

1. Before use, please check power and rated current of used electric appliances to ensure that total power of all the electric appliances inserted on power extension cord shall not exceed 2200W under AC220V and that electric appliance inserted on single AC position shall not exceed 1500W during use. During overload use, overload protector at the rear side of power extension cord would automatically power off to ensure electric safety. After power-off of overload protector, please reduce load or remove the electric appliance in fault. After waiting for 2 minutes, you can press the overload protector reset button beside electric supply line of power extension cord for continuative use. 
2. Keep out of direct sunlight. Never use power cord in high power under entwinement status lest local overheating causes aging of power cord's scarfskin insulation ahead of time. In the case that power cord scarfskin is damaged, please repair promptly to avoid hazard. 
3. Before the wet socket is not dry, please do not use it. 
4. The power extension cord shall avoid being placed in a place that infant is easy to touch. 
5. Please have the large-sized safe dust cap covered in place at ordinary times to increase safety of power extension cord. 
6. Single socket position in the power extension cord is designed with bispin small panel: for any family with children, you can turn the bispin small panel by hand to cover over electrode hole of redundant AC plug jack to ensure it is much safer. 
7. The product is not suitable for use of air conditioner and other high power electric appliances. The watt level of usual household appliances is described below and for your information only. Before using electric appliance, please check its power designation. Never use the product in overload. 
8. The power switch control mode is: one power switch controls all the plug positions. Before leaving or going out, press power-off for power switch of power extension cord to ensure it is much safer and power saving. 

Usage description for bispin safe sandwich small panel:

1. For plug position without plug, use two fingers to turn the subtransparent figure surface at outer layer of bispin safe small panel. In the beginning, inner layer would follow to turn and then stop. After continuing rotation, cover over electrode hole to play a role in preventing children from inserting thin metal. If you want to insert a plug, you can turn it to have electrode hole exposed. 
2. When inserting a plug, rotate the bispin safe small panel in the same method as above to have electrode hole exposed and then insert the plug.


Product specification:

Model: LL - 3222, LL - 3223 with DC5V mobile telephone USB charging

Wire cable length: LL – 3222 & LL-6022 is 2 meter long, LL - 3223 & LL-6023 is 3 meter long.

 Power cord specs: RVV 0.75 square millimeter

 Maximal service voltage: AC250V

 Maximal operating current: AC:10A, USB DC:5V2.4A

 Maximal service power: During using AC 220V, total amount is 2200W. Single plug position is 1500W. (during using    AC110V, total amount is 1100W. Single plug position is 770W)

 Product size (excluding power cord)114 mmx width 181 x height52mm(excluding safety dust cap) ,or height106mm(containing safety dust cap)

Power cord standard GB2099.1 - 2008

Power cord plug standard GB1002 - 2008

Quality assurance policy: quality assurance for 2 years, maintenance for life.


Usual power of household appliances is for your information only:

Large-sized ceiling fan is about 150W; mini type ceiling fan about 80W; the desk fan of 16 inches about 70W; desk fan of 14 inches about 60W;

Computer about 200W; notebook computer about 50 - 100W;

Home audio's power amplifier about 50 - 500W;

TV set of 21 - 29 inches about 80W - 130W; 34 inches about 150W; 40 inches about 200W; DVD about 60W;

Desktop computer about 70w (17 inch display unit);

Domestic refrigerator about 200 - 800W;

Domestic washing machine about 200 - 400W;

Household electric cooker about 500 - 700W;

Smoke exhaust ventilator about 200W;

Microwave oven about 900 - 1200W;

Electric kettle about 1200W; Electric iron about 800W;

Water dispenser about 600W;

Dust collector about 400 - 800W;

Electric heater about 1600 - 2000W (not supported by the power extension cord);

Electric stove about 1000W;

Soymilk grinder about 200 - 800W;

Electric water heater about 1000W;

Hairdryer about 450W;

Household electromagnetic oven about 600 - 2200 W.


During using AC220V voltage, the power extension cord does not support any electric appliance with power exceeding 1500W, such as: electric heating shower about 1200 - 2500W; professional electromagnetic oven above 4000W, air conditioner 1P about 2500W, 1.5P about 3500W, 2P about 5000W; 5P about 10000W.

For any electric appliance exceeding 1500W under AC220V and exceeding 770W under AC110V, please do not use the power extension cord.

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