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How to choose the hot chamber die casting m..

Date: 2012-09-11    Views: 355    Author: hldhz
Die casting machine die casting production equipment, die casting quality and the performance of the die casting machine is closely related to the liquid metal into the cavity in the casting production process, die-casting the confidential provide enough energy (pressure flow); To provide sufficient clamping force locking mold, to prevent the overflow of liquid metal splash; also provide sufficient ejection force, will be removed from the mold. usually based on the structure and working principle of the die-casting machine, die casting machines are divided into two categories: cold chamber die casting machines and hot chamber die casting machine cold chamber the injection chamber die casting machine with furnace manufactured separately. machine-fitting artificial or mechanical device, the liquid metal is removed from the holding furnace spoon and then poured into the injection chamber, and then die-casting. therefore longer working cycle, the production efficiency is very low, but because of the short contact time of the injection chamber with the molten metal, it can withstand the higher melting liquid metal, can be die-casting m.p. than high-alloy, such as: copper, aluminum, magnesium alloy die castings, hot chamber die casting machine injection chamber furnace is connected with the work when immersed in the alloy solution injection chamber work, always in the hot state, and therefore have name hot chamber at this time, the metal in the under the action of gravity and the vacuum force, automatically added into the injection chamber, at no additional casting, the working cycle of the hot chamber die casting machine is short, the production efficiency is high due to the liquid metal from the liquid under into the injection chamber, and a lesser proportion of the material residue is not easy to enter the injection chamber; also greatly reduces the chance of contact of the liquid metal with the air; feed tube under the insulation state, molten metal is cooled in the flow is not easy, so the quality of the die casting also higher, but due to the poor working conditions of the hot chamber die casting machine injection chamber, limited by the production of materials, hot chamber die casting machine can only die-casting low melting point alloy, such as: zinc, magnesium, tin, lead, Huizhou Hengli up to the die casting machine accessories specializing in the production of various brands of die-cast machine parts supplies, die-casting machine accessories, die-casting, spraying, the gun die casting machines peripherals, you choose the best manufacturers of die casting machine accessories! The above is a brief hot chamber die casting machine, by Huizhou Constant of die-casting machine parts finishing edit. 

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