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Detailed classification of die casting mach..

Date: 2012-10-08    Views: 344    Author: hldhz
Die-casting machine accessories classified in the home, there did outline below us on the topic details: We know the die casting machine parts into aluminum die-casting machine parts (zinc alloy die-casting machine parts (or hot chamber die casting machine parts) or cold chamber die casting machine parts) die casting machine supplies such as die-casting machine accessories die-casting machine supporting the accessories, while die-cast molding of finished products for the die casting; die castings can be manufactured as a die-cast car accessories, die-cast car engine Fitting, die-cast air conditioning accessories, die-casting petrol machine cylinder cylinder cover, die-casting valve rocker, die-casting valve seat, the casting power accessories, die-casting motor cover, die-cast housing, die-casting pump housing, die-cast construction accessories, die-cast decorative accessories, die-casting guardrail accessories, die-cast wheel and so on parts, along with the continuous improvement of the level of development of domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of the die casting machine is also significantly improved, the kind of parts that can be manufactured also continue to be expanded, and the complexity of the die casting parts, precision parts has also been a large increase, I believe die castings in the near future will be even better service to our production and life! Zinc alloy die-casting machine accessories series: hot chamber die casting machine materials maker, hammer, steel orders, the nozzle head, fever sets (cake), melt pot, zinc, aluminum alloy melting furnace. Cold chamber die casting machine plunger head, feeding cups, shot rod joint protective sleeve spoon to soup Machine, die casting machine parts. Maintenance of the die-casting machine bracket and selvedge, copper Division and other accessories. Die casting machine supplies series: steel bell (direct), steel bell (beveled), fever sets fever cake, ordinary pig iron crucible, mold release agents such as zinc alloy die-casting machine accessories. Aluminum die-casting machine accessories series: mold sets, single and double tube gun, cold room connecting rod red head furnace cold chamber machine material cup mold release agents refining agent cylinder (capacity cup) furnace the probe temperature needle scoop pressure cylinder ( content Cup) the nozzle probe temperature needle crucible Nozzle head Gelin column 1600T feeding tube. die casting machine accessories supplies: particle plunger oil rushed pomade the deslagging agent covering agent coating agent release agent from the type of refining agent plunger oil punch a lubricant particles flux hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, other metal cutting fluids, anti-welding together wax, rust inhibitor, diesel, oil, butter, red pomade, blackening agent, phosphate processing liquid, metal cleaning agent, degreasing agent at room temperature, oxidant, zinc oxide, such as nitrogen 

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