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RPMP excellent properties - fiber strength ..

Date: 2014-09-09    Views: 197    Author: gzfrp123
 RPMP from there to the development so far is a fairly mature technology, and gradually replace the steel pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipes in the pipeline, such as the use and become the first choice for the pipeline project. RPMP are so popular with its good nature inseparable, we analysis the following excellent properties under RPMP: 1, good corrosion resistance: resistant to acid salts, organic solvents, corrosion; 2, anti- Anti-pollution borers: not attached microorganisms, no bacteria, no pollution transport medium; 3, light weight, high strength, low-cost transportation and installation: steel, concrete pipes, plastic pipes high strength, single-tube lengths up to 12 m, effective reduce overhead costs; 4, RPMP little friction, high transport capacity: smooth wall, crude rate 0.008-0.0084, can effectively reduce the operating costs of the initial project investment; 5, good wear resistance: special laminated structure and high molecular polymer surface, anti-abrasive, anti-stream erosion; 6, adaptable: adapt to a variety of installation, a variety of internal and external pressure loads can be laid directly at the city roads; 7, low maintenance costs: anti-rust, anti- corrosion, stain, basic maintenance; 8, long project life, safe and reliable: the normal use of the pipeline can live for more than 50 years. Because RPMP formal numerous excellent features, RPMP use in various industries increasingly favored the pipeline, occupy a certain market position in its future pipeline market. FRP tanks, GRP pipe, FRP pultruded profiles - Guangdong fiber strength FRP Co. ( 

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