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FRP pultruded profiles molding process and ..

Date: 2014-09-09    Views: 195    Author: gzfrp123
 FRP pultruded profiles: Pultrusion is a continuous production of cross-sectional shapes and sizes, such as glass and steel profiles. Process pultruded FRP pultruded profiles: in traction role molding equipment production, reinforcing materials (such as glass fiber rovings, continuous fiberglass mat, etc.) in accordance with specific configurations through the matrix material (such as unsaturated polyester resins, etc.) after dipping through the mold system and in which continuous curing, thereby continuously obtain smooth surface, dimensional stability, high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles. The main application of FRP pultruded profiles: three suburban rail shield and bracket, insulation support member, mast, high voltage cable trays, high-voltage power supply operating lever, generators loose handrails, platforms, hallway, storage tanks, distribution boards and Framework distribution room, drainage systems, and subsea identification Botou, train cars make bar, corner boards, highway guardrail, acoustic panels, anti-glare panel, tower filler bracket, plate bracket, cold storage materials. FRP tanks, GRP pipe, FRP pultruded profiles - Guangdong fiber strength FRP Co. ( 

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