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GRP pipes advantage in the field of constru..

Date: 2014-09-09    Views: 211    Author: gzfrp123
 GRP pipes for its unique structure and product characteristics, it has the following advantages in the use of the pipeline: a, good corrosion resistance, long life FRP pipe can resist all kinds of acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents and water, long-term erosion of sewage and other chemical mediators. Different properties of the pipe can be selected depending on the medium type and the use temperature. 2, excellent mechanical properties of glass pipe a small proportion (1.8 ~ 2.1g / cm 3) high intensity (≥300MPa), which is much greater than steel and cast iron pipe strength, due to the wall of the intermediate layer added to the resin mortar, greatly improving the pipeline stiffness, adapt to a variety of soil environment and seabed laying. 3, excellent mechanical properties of the water glass pipe surface is very smooth, friction is small (n≤0.0084), can significantly reduce the pressure loss along the way, increasing traffic flow in the same circumstances, you can use a smaller diameter or power smaller pump, thereby reducing the initial investment project, saving energy consumption (lower operating costs). 4, light weight, easy to transport, install only the weight of GRP pipes with specifications, with a quarter of the length of ductile iron pipe, cement pipe 10. Transport loading and unloading easy, high installation efficiency and low cost. 5, anti-fouling, non-toxic smooth inner wall does not scale, do not breed algae and other microorganisms, water quality, no secondary pollution. Through the use of food-grade resin production pipeline can be used to transport drinking water. Thanks to the unique advantages of GRP pipes, in today's construction projects, GRP pipes are gradually replacing the traditional steel pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipes, etc., play to their strengths in engineering applications. FRP tanks, GRP pipe, FRP pultruded profiles - Guangdong fiber strength FRP Co. ( 

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