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Date: 2013-12-12    Views: 3456    Author: cpstone

KYLT die casting machine manufacturer

What KYLT Make?
     KYLT industrial company is specialized in the manufacturing of hot chamber die casting machines (zinc alloy injection machines or lead alloy injection machine) and all kinds of spare parts for machines. We provide molds/tools as per clients drawings. Of course, if required, we also make zinc & aluminum die casting parts for our clients.
What can be made by KYLT's machines?
      KYLT hot chamber die casting machines mainly used to cast low melting point metal parts, such as Zinc alloy, Lead alloy,Tin alloy. Widely used in the injection of all kinds of zinc zipper head&puller, zinc buckle head, jewelry, hardware parts, auto spare parts, battery lead bushing&terminal etc.

What tonnages KYLT have? 
      12T,20T,30T hot chamber die casting machines (zinc injection machines,lead injection machine) are the main tonnages. We also have 15T,18T,22T tonnages can be choosed by clients.

How about the service of KYLT?
      -Before ordering:
    *Help clients to choose suitable machine type as per client's requirement or part's information.
    *Provide technical consulatation for machines and casting works.
    *Paint colors of machine and change the elements brand per clients' demand. (Such adopt client's pointed brands VALVES,HYDRAULIC parts)
    *Do technical reformation or adjustment as per client's local production enviroment.(Special order motor and elcetrical element as per situation)  
    *If clients' need molds, we will provide casting samples.
    *If clients' booked machine and molds, we can use the ordered machine to test the molds,and send casted samples for clients to check.
    *Free spare parts are provided.(easy-damaged parts)
    *Can provide photos of machine,free spare parts and package.
    *Machine and all parts be packed in wooden case to prevend damage.
     -After sale:
    *Can provide spare parts in time.
    *Can provide diagram of operation in chinese and english, clients can do operation as per the diagram easily.
    *Can reply clients questions and problems in time.
    *Can book vessel and plane for clients.
Where have KYLT's machines?
     Years development with good quality ,excellent service,more easy for operation.Now, KYLT machine are popular in China, Brazil, India,Bangladesh etc countries and regions.
For more information,please contact us directly to .


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