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Glass pipe and RPMP What is the difference?

Date: 2015-05-01    Views: 142    Author: 2006914026
Power tube, also known as FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, glass fiber reinforced material, and unsaturated resin bonded molding, can be divided into low-alkali, alkali, high-alkali pipe, confirmed good quality difference according to the amount of alkali, glass steel electricity tube compression and strong, light weight, smooth wall, low friction, easy when worn cable, do not damage the cable. Glass steel electricity pipes, electricity cables, communication cables underground facilities, when subject to external pressure or impact, the protective effect of cable protection glass steel power tubes Product Features 1, glass pipe corrosion ability, insulation, non-magnetic, acid-resistant base, but resistance antistatic. 2, a good glass pipe FRP pipe water power performance, long-term use in wet or water is not bad. 3, due to the specific properties of glass pipe FRP, the FRP pipe life of more than 50 years. 4, the glass pipe to facilitate the construction, in particular when the repair works, the efficiency is particularly prominent, is the power cable engineering, communications cable engineering, municipal engineering and road laying underground cable ideal protection devices. 5, glass pipe cable across the river, the bridge is more appropriate to use, lightweight. FRP power tube mark fiberglass power tube mark representation: DBJ DBJJ or DBS where D represents cable conduits; B denotes a glass fiber; J, JJ represents mechanical winding process, S for manual winding process specification with nominal diameter * nominal wall thickness * Nominal length indicates the product grade with ring stiffness (5%) grade SN25 SN50 SN100 represent raw material types: E-glass fibers with E said alkali glass fiber is represented by C.

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