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Gold green building Beijing tell you: the d..

Date: 2015-05-07    Views: 141    Author: 45d36d4272
 In a variety of materials, various structures pipeline constantly updated today, in order to better the environment in which life longer, more stable performance, manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies and new products, in order to secure adapt to new environmental advocacy community, reducing pollution to a greater extent, the creation of environmentally friendly recyclable materials. Glass pipe as pipes, sewage pipes, one of the essential engineering power cable protection, because it is both a special glass hardness, high temperature, corrosion-resistant properties, but also has the same characteristics of hard steel is not broken, and therefore the scope of application wide. And in addition there is a glass pipe RPMP, then between them what is the difference? Beijing Golden Green construction pipeline mall to tell you: glass pipes glass fiber as a reinforcing material or products; and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a resin-based material, fiberglass inner increase of new composite materials quartz sand as fill material made of ; Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP pipe, compared with just more than a sand layer and Gaza had to be understood as quartz instead of glass fibers. RPM pipe and glass pipe to the same thickness ratio, RPM pipe cheap, but stressed the poor, while the opposite glass pipe. Glass pipe light weight, emphasis on high, convenient transportation and installation, but also easy to install various branches, and the installation technique is simple. More compared to the same intensity and the environment to adapt to the pipe, glass pipe, low cost, fast-engineered, high efficiency. So the market has been widely used. 

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