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Date: 2015-07-03    Views: 135    Author: f7a2832180
 This year's government work report first proposed the development of "Internet +" action plan, and stressed that "promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other combined with modern manufacturing," which brought a new form of networking innovation new opportunities. Anhui Mobile based 4G network advantages, "Internet + Internet of Things" innovation as the focal point of the initiative "hand" multi-industry, urging the province to "Internet + Internet of Things" a new era of information technology. The new mode mobile Internet information technology education MAN education system in March last year, Anhui Province Department of Education issued the "Anhui Province Education Informatization term development plan," clearly this year, the basic realization of the "three links two platform" change education model, 2020 In the basic form of education information system. Anhui Mobile to respond positively to the call, in-depth field of education harmonious communication around the "two-way platform for a center" principle, the construction of education MAN, realize the depth of the integration of mobile communications, the Internet, networking technology. According to reports, Education MAN is an Internet outlet with a unified "network" with which the system can be transferred via the Internet originally hosted online classroom business to the metropolitan area, covering all educational institutions, schools, high-speed access to the Board of Education Information centers and education networks provide higher bandwidth and more stable network quality, higher network security, without changing the original online classroom business habits, the main classroom picture, sound synchronization spread vice classroom, break with tradition geographical restrictions teaching, sharing teachers, courseware and other educational resources. Wisdom new rural agricultural information to achieve scientific production of the mouse, vegetable greenhouses live video clearly show in front of and inside the greenhouse temperature, humidity, light, etc. are displayed on the screen, growers may at any time by the computer for greenhouses temperature, humidity, etc. to adjust, this is a new application of networking technology in agriculture - agricultural wisdom. Mobile Internet "hand" of traditional agriculture, energy blending both the enormous prospects. To contribute to building a better village, Anhui Mobile to actively promote the development of agricultural wisdom, and strive to create precision agriculture cultivation, visual management, intelligent decisions. Target wisdom covers many aspects of agriculture, things can be achieved from e-commerce, internal office, serving multiple aspects of the function of the peasant masses and the like. Fine example of aquatic breeding management applications, the use of modern information technology to accurately grasp the growth process and the growth dynamics of aquatic, aquatic growth dynamic and growing aquaculture looks different growth stages of dynamic monitoring and trend analysis, aquaculture, breeding pond management and prevention conduct fast and efficient remote guidance, the timely detection of problems in aquaculture, pond management techniques to develop measures to promote the aquaculture production. By command decision like this agricultural platform terminal display system functions, real-time monitoring of field data and images in a variety of ways and channels manually or automatically on-site equipment remote control, showing all kinds of intelligent reporting, decision analysis and command, can Extended remote diagnostics. Fully utilize and integrate various agricultural information resources to provide comprehensive services to the relevant functional departments of the decision-making, business management, grassroots agricultural science and technology personnel and production of agricultural business entities. "Now the use of computers and mobile terminals can query agricultural knowledge, agricultural publishing, agricultural products, information dissemination, we can make an appointment agricultural technicians, participate in lectures, reported difficulties encountered in agricultural production, and so on, really convenient!" A villager said happily. Full electronic eye trend of information technology into people's lives more and more networking applications used in every aspect of people's lives. As people's living standards improve, parents are increasingly concerned about the healthy growth of children, especially children in kindergarten, the younger, self-protection is weak, the parents are worried, but because of work schedule conflicts can not understand the baby in real time kindergarten learning. To solve the worries of parents, Anhui Mobile video cloud-based mobile platform technology to develop "baby online" platform, to provide remote monitoring in kindergarten picture for parents, parents can see in real time the baby lives in a kindergarten by Pocket APP client, studying the scene , by the beginning of the pursuit for the parents of the 80 parents. "Work when using a mobile phone can always see the baby in the nursery of activity, really great." Parents Suzhou red, yellow and blue baby nursery Ms. Zhang says. Of course, the real-time monitoring of the application more than that, recently, Anhui move successfully created a "full electronic eye" information application projects, the students in front of the examiner can alleviate the psychological pressure to reduce labor costs driving school, help the government regulate Driving Test environment real-time monitoring, effectively increasing the driving school of information technology education, examiners management. It is reported that the project can be high-definition video surveillance equipment installed in the test vehicle and the subject 2 test site, no dead-round multi-angle dynamic monitoring of the examination, with the 4G mobile intelligent terminals to achieve a three-way test subjects throughout the audio and video test instruction dispatching monitoring, Construction start off full electronic eye test information systems. Analyzing the examiner trainee exam passes and issued under a trainee exam content based on real-time upload information to achieve exam instruction dispatching monitoring. "As long as a subject to completion of the exam, take the card to shorten the cycle time, simplify the examination before appointment, completion of courses students can not immediately take the exam phenomenon." Fengyang A student representation with the application of information technology, driving test more relaxed. Facing the future, Anhui Mobile will take advantage of the initiative as a "hand" all walks of life, increasing application of information technology in all aspects of government, urban management, transportation, business, tourism, culture and other social life, further boosting the level of information in Anhui Province upgrade, to provide support and protection for the "Internet +" action plan. 

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