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News WiFi network will help you get rid of ..

Date: 2015-07-06    Views: 145    Author: f7a2832180
 Recently midnight, Hunan highway management detachment milo is on duty, accidentally saw a woman lying on the steps outside the police station break. The inquiry was informed, they are a migrant couple, when they traveled on the toll station bus stop to rest when they phone WIFI signal is detected, then the couple out of the bus, the signal strength of the police outside corner rub network . Taking into account away from home is not easy, the police told them the WIFI password. The couple sleeping on the morning rub network, it seems a little funny, is actually quite upset. In the mobile Internet era, how important it is WiFi for modern people. People touch the phone, think of the free WiFi. Now, WiFi coverage in public places is limited, and many suburban cities, public places, there is no free WiFi, and that makes the rub network event after another. Of course, the rub network does not just hit the ground floor of the couple, as well as high school students do not go home to rub network, rub network for women sat balcony alerted police, and so on. Free wifi rub family of nets media reports about rub network is varied, which not only tells the rub network of people's bitterness and frustration, but also reveals the Chinese public areas and free WiFi is so scarce, free WiFi coverage is how not to force! With Promoting the wisdom of urban construction, it is to cover the city's public spaces in the small WiFi, via WiFi to serve the public, to promote the development of urban construction. Smart city forward, without government policy support, but ultimately WiFi suppliers of products and technical support. Anhui Technology News WiFi products, with a strong performance advantage, software certification and technical support, is working to provide services for Wuhu, Anhui Huainan wisdom of urban construction, can provide free WiFi Anhui many cities in public places after a successful cooperation, so the public network can be a public place. With the increasing Anhui Technology News WiFi product markets, laying the field increasingly widespread, many rub family of nets would help to get rid of the embarrassment rub network. 

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