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Fun WiFi News WiFi lets you marketing

Date: 2015-07-07    Views: 156    Author: f7a2832180
 Nowadays WiFi Internet has become an important way people connect to the Internet, it is convenient for people with mobile network services while also being a subtle change people's online habits, consumption habits, make people more dependent on it. So many businesses see can use WiFi internet marketing to promote the great potential, but the traditional wireless router either functionally or applicability, can not meet a single store or chain businesses landing wireless precision marketing of new demands. News WiFi there, so everything has changed. News WiFi router today, in many domestic commercial site, we encounter everywhere shout speaker, handed leaflets, posters and other traditional marketing methods, but these publicity not only labor intensive, and often fail to achieve promotion. But with the increasingly popular micro-channel "free WiFi" the rapid rise in business in places, with the "WiFi + micro letter," the new marketing approach began to perk up quickly. Nowadays, although many shops with free WiFi, but the transfer rate is low, only to meet a few people while logged in, and slow browsing speed, single function. News WiFi has 100M / 1000M and external network interface, support for multiple applications, single speed 10 times to amplify the signal, allowing multiple users to concurrently without affecting network speed. News WiFi has a strong marketing function first, providing one-stop information WiFi marketing services platform to build alliances to promote wireless business district, covering a wide range of zero dead. A strong signal so that free WiFi is no longer a tasteless, in ZOL office area, covering more than a dozen wireless hotspots, so the signal anti-interference ability wireless router is a big test. Secondly, precise positioning, targeted advertising push for businesses. By hearing WiFi "My Ads" option, businesses can define "manager recommended" according to their needs, "members only", "Events" and other advertising and marketing information for targeted advertising push to achieve zero threshold Fun micro-channel advertising. At the same time, businesses may also need to define customer add flour, including automatic public concern shop number, prompted concern shop number but not mandatory public concern, and so on. Once again, hearing WiFi also provides a powerful entertainment features, you can easily listen to music, watch videos, browse e-books and news, you can meet the various needs of Internet users and customers. In short, the mobile Internet era, we should make full use of wifi deliver business value, through news services and the creation of WiFi to pursue profits. 

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