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Date: 2015-07-07    Views: 156    Author: f7a2832180
 Recently, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported that the smart phone sneak flow problems involving apples, millet, OPPO, vivo mobile phone brands. According to reports, inspectors in 10 mobile phone switched after registration network and 120 hours of standby test, found that even in the standby state, "Unleashed" traffic situation is very clear. "Sneaking" the most traffic is Apple phone, a total of 120 hours, "Unleashed," the 80MB traffic. This calculation, consumers have to pay 60 yuan per month, "sneaking" extra traffic. Faced with such amazing mobile phone sneak flow of traffic charges, most people have said it is difficult to bear. In fact, sneak flow can be divided into two kinds of intentional and unintentional. Most traffic sneaking unintentional, but others are hostile to promote or steal information. Five traffic trap the default behavior is also wrong a lot of the new factory is the default for phone activated network connection, so when you insert the SIM card of the moment, some phones have been networked. For example, synchronization software that detects the mobile phone network is open, when the network is connected it will automatically update the network. Malicious software is very pit father usually if not careful, it could be malicious software downloaded to the phone with the virus, Trojan will open ROOT privileges backstage networking, through advertising while consuming malicious user traffic, there may even steal personal information . Weak WiFi mobile data automatically jump when your smartphone is unstable and weak WiFi signal, it will automatically search for and switch to 2G / 3G network, if the user does not notice, continue to use the service when traffic takes, it could produce high the amount of traffic charges. Cloud service automatically synchronizes many cell phone APP has a cloud synchronization, you can contact or SMS even photos and other information automatically backed up to the cloud, but it will cost a lot of traffic, especially open image synchronization upload function, traffic consumption will be more powerful. Simple hand travel a lot to run in the user's mobile phone game software, except to provide users with services outside the game, often also secretly collect user model, location and other personal information, this time, the flow is so quietly escape a. After the isolated flow go in order to prevent traffic being sucked, the following are a few preventive Flow "Unleashed" recommendation: Do nothing to prevent the phone sneak flow escape many smart phone users like ROOT or escape, although brought some convenience, but it more likely that some of the software in the background secretly consume network traffic, also includes the risk of more severe poisoning and information leaks. Due caution to install security software after installation of security software have permission to relatively large, so careful installation, you should go to the official website to download and install. Meanwhile, security software can use the "flow control" feature, view, and restriction on the flow. Using Task Manager when you feel somehow increased phone traffic, you should check under the background of the application, such as position location software might have been consuming your traffic. 

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