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Date: 2015-07-08    Views: 162    Author: f7a2832180
 Recently, the 2015 "Internet +" China pulsating map, panoramic depth analysis of the development of the Internet +, Internet + pulsating outline map of China. Triggered a hot industry. North Canton is no doubt in this ranking leader, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Fujian followed, but let the author Curiously, Ningxia, Shaanxi actually squeezed into the top ten list. I have been for many years in a city, not knowing today's second and third tier cities development of mobile Internet has been beyond imagination. Behind the big data release, always hidden opportunities. The commercial WiFi, as an important mobile Internet portal, has been mostly entrepreneurs and investors sought Hong steamed bun. Sought must be competition, competition is bound to make the difference towards a more healthy industry perfect direction. Most commercial WiFi operators from the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen began to layout a free hotspot in Shenzhen, anywhere can connect open WiFi, this thing has become able to understand consumers and even businesses are humane and service sincerity of expression. WiFi commercial value conversion, however, second and third tier cities in mainland partners, but most are still in no open WiFi, the flow is not enough bad signal dire straits connecting them. "Blank that is opportunity." WiFi celebrities said in an interview, "We are the first-line market in the dispute, in fact, the first-line market has been basically saturated, from the hardest nut to four five-tier cities began to layout, although these places move the popularity of the Internet thinking is relatively low, but the industry from the current pace of development, this year is definitely a development blowout. On the one hand because of the return of young entrepreneurs, on the one hand, due to the popularity of intelligent terminals in three four five-city , making more and more demand in the mobile end direct, so traffic demand is just needed. spider magazine is the first to address these people just need, through agents WiFi hotspots laying on the ground and create a local O2O platform for users and businesses can post supply and demand information platform, entry into the base of important local WiFi accurate information exchange platform for urban and rural residents to enjoy the real mobile Internet highway brings smooth and easy. "value of mobile Internet that will move the crowd to pull over and accumulate a large enough population base flow on an analysis of big data, providing business services paired with the user, rather than rigid advertising push, this is a manifestation of the true value of commercial WiFi. From the current development status of most commercial WiFi operations point of view, long way to go. As for the second and third tier cities, or a process from scratch. Era gave birth to business opportunities, business WiFi entrance of the dispute, will move pulsating urban and new future! News WiFi WiFi as Anhui famous commercial enterprises, has been trying to start from three hundred forty-five tier cities, the layout of free hot spots, participation of prefecture-level cities in Anhui the wisdom of urban construction, urban services, business opportunities leading businesses use WiFi, WiFi to create business value. 

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