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News WiFi let entrepreneurs army "Money" Un..

Date: 2015-07-09    Views: 134    Author: f7a2832180
 Since the Prime Minister Li Keqiang "public entrepreneurship, innovation Peoples", many university graduates returning workers have to join the army business, even a lot of work for many years "old bird" or even well-known business executives also embarked on a venture tour. Many traditional entrepreneurs are faced with high office rental costs and other start-up costs, but the arrival of the mobile Internet era, completely changed the rules. Moreover, now that almost everyone has a smartphone in the hands of mobile phones and the relationship between individuals, is difficult to replace other items. Therefore, the combination of the mobile Internet business is undoubtedly the most popular. Commercial WiFi scene in the mobile Internet era, the choice of what kind of project business the most "beneficial", which is facing challenges every entrepreneur. Projects selected good, not only save time and worry, but also "Money" unlimited. In the mobile Internet increasingly developed today, the use of commercial WiFi entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the best choice. Because commercial WiFi may under certain scenarios, release marketing, advertising, push advertising, the use of large data storage cell phone user information, create business profit. WiFi is the best choice for business entrepreneurs, but also a dazzling array of products on the market WiFi, choose what brand is the key to start if there is "beneficial". Xiao Bian by market analysis, to recommend Anhui Technology News WiFi products. Of course, it is recommended WiFi product information, not groundless, but there is a great profit model is based. First, according to the 160-square-meter dining outlets located hearing WiFi, intelligent use of customer self landing point single system, saving each year for the owner to hire two staff costs (2 * 2800 yuan * 12 months = 67,200 yuan); the use of hearing WiFi Merchant Shipping customizable, save a lot of print flyers each year, coupons costs (600 yuan / month x 12 months = 7200 yuan); the use of advertising push hearing WiFi can achieve exchange of resources, cross-industry alliance, monthly income (10,000 x 12 months) 120,000 yuan; the use of mobile phone customers remote push, old customers special offers promotions regularly, New Products, according to 20% of repeat customers, annual income of at least 200,000 yuan; all counted, for the business year to bring about 390,000 yuan the value of. Secondly, in a large business district, commercial complex laying News WiFi, according to a major shopping district into 1000 devices, the device gains of about 300,000 yuan ((600 yuan cost of sales -300 million cost) * 1000); advertising digit gains, profit 20,000 yuan per month single district * December, wifi background information can be classified customized shopping district (20 or more), annual doing about 480 million. See news WiFi earnings analysis, you do also to the selection of projects for entrepreneurs "Money" and worry it? Whether you choose a small point where the scene laid, or choose a large district faces laying, you can create a very substantial "Money." So do not hesitate, hesitation, select hearing WiFi, let you start "Money" unlimited. 

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