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New Developments township sewage treatment ..

Date: 2015-07-14    Views: 149    Author: a17cb28020
 "Eleventh Five-Year" period, as a key project of the Taihu Lake Basin water pollution control, waste water treatment plant in Wuxi City Ashimura previous three projects mentioned standard transformation and four works new process, using a self-developed domestic and international absorb advanced technology process and cell technology, and strengthen the level of pre-processing functions to optimize the nutrient removal process, increasing the variety of types of deep processing unit, and the introduction of key equipment and advanced instrumentation developed countries, led China's urban sewage treatment A plant level mentioned standard transformation, and thus gave birth to a number of urban sewage treatment and rapid development of new technologies and large-scale application of new equipment. A new grid to solve the problem of minor wound was previously used mostly wide grid spacing, extensive structure, the ability to intercept minor wound and particulate matter is poor, resulting in a lot of hair, fabric, plastic debris, plant crust , health supplies, etc. into the biological treatment system, causing membrane clogging pipes and other equipment and wear or instrument failure, affecting the normal operation and feel. In recent years, the domestic enterprises successfully developed a different specifications of 0.75 ~ 1.5 mm aperture drum, inner peace into the flow Trash grill plate, product performance reached the international level of similar products, a series production capacity and a relatively low price quickly occupied the domestic market and become the safe operation of security MBR, denitrification filters and other technology units, it has been applied in many an A standard sewage treatment project. Inner drum grill plate grill Trash inflow grille 2 new primary settling tank to improve the fermentation of active carbon and sludge adding methanol, acetic acid, sodium acetate and other external carbon source it is most of the high emission standards towns Helpless choice sewage treatment plant, internal carbon exploitation has become a major concern in recent years, primary sedimentation tank fermentation, fermentation of primary sludge and sludge cracking techniques should be born. As shown, the primary settling tank fermentation effective integration of suspended solids settling hydrolysis and fermentation of organic components, hydraulic retention time can be reduced to 1/2 of the conventional primary sedimentation tank, suspended sludge layer by ultra-low-speed rotation, the formation of various peel, netting and biological role in promoting the separation of organic and inorganic solids, into the subsequent biological treatment system to reduce suspended solid inorganic component content, while improving the quality of the carbon source, effectively enhance the activity of biomass in the pool, saving construction land and processing costs. Primary sedimentation process of fermentation tank filler suspension system schematic 3 IFAS system enhances the ability of many of our winter nitrification of municipal wastewater treatment plants DiBiao transformation facing shortage of land space and the problem of poor winter nitrification, nitrification winter Taihu Basin affected by low temperature most obvious, northwest, northeast, north and other regions also have the same problem, practice shows that the effective way in biological wastewater treatment aeration tanks dosing suspension filler is to solve this problem. As shown, the local region in the biological aeration tank dosing fluidizable filler suspension, as the growth of denitrifying bacteria enriched carrier, function and attachment of microorganisms to the suspended state of coexistence, since heterotrophic nitrification bacteria and denitrifying bacteria The occurrence of relatively isolated place, at the same time significantly enhanced nitrification ability to break through the existing process for non-aeration zone volume ratio limits, a corresponding increase in denitrification and biological denitrification ease the contradiction of SRT and biological phosphorus removal, phosphorus removal nitrogen removal corresponding overall improvement. Improved A2 / O-IFAS process system schematic layout 4 Mechanical filtration equipment to replace the traditional sand filter system of conventional coagulation - sedimentation - filtration mature technology, the effect is stable and reliable advantages, but covering and larger head loss in lift Standard renovation project often lack of application conditions. And mechanical filtration area is only 10% to 15% of the sand filter, and more than 80 percent energy savings. Mechanical filtration equipment mainly fiber filter and rotary dial microfilter. When the secondary effluent SS is not more than 20 mg / L and TP content is low, or TP is not required for the water, it can directly use mechanical filters, without coagulation and sedimentation pretreatment. Currently, fiber dial filtration equipment has been used in hundreds of sewage treatment plants. Fiber filter rotary turntable micro filter text by the Quartet Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. of Zhucheng is reproduced in "Water drainage" 

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