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Date: 2015-07-16    Views: 168    Author: f7a2832180
 In the mobile Internet era, WiFi entrance has been business battleground. Recently, Tencent phone Butler announced the upgrade "free WiFi" feature in the latest version 5.6, and joint Starbucks, 58 city, drops a taxi and other enterprises on June 15 - 21, to create a "steward WiFi Welfare Week" for the use of mobile phones housekeeper WiFi connection users send a billion dollars gift certificates. It is the following Baidu shares 16WiFi, Alibaba investment Koala, another big Internet giant's actions on WiFi, WiFi has become increasingly heated battle field entrance. Long-term studies of fierce commercial WiFi Technology founder Wang Guanxiong an interview with reporters said that in the new era of the Internet +, commercial WiFi current domestic market is booming, is in a crowded times, commercial WiFi construction in full swing. A large number of enterprises, Internet companies and operators have invested in the construction of commercial WiFi and staking campaign to seize the mobile Internet portal, a large number of O2O manufacturers is commercial WiFi as its important "contacts." Input costs for commercial WiFi is large, but profit model of a single, can not provide a personalized service, homogeneous competition is obvious. WiFi coverage Tencent push "free WiFi" Pathfinder O2O It is understood that Tencent mobile housekeeper "free WiFi" feature can help users quickly and securely access strongest signal free WiFi, but also can free WiFi networks APR attacks, DNS tampering, false WiFi, fishing WiFi, WiFi and other five safety testing is not encrypted, so as to solve the user safe, efficient, fast networking needs, it has become a secure connection WiFi connector. However, the industry view, Tencent mobile housekeeper the move except for the user to connect WiFi security escort, but also is likely to be counting on to take this opportunity to get involved in O2O. Data show that Tencent mobile housekeeper number of users has more than 780 million, in 3G, 4G, WiFi penetration under all three major networks and micro letter, QQ, Baidu, Taobao applications such as among the top ten, is currently China's mobile phone users Use one of the largest mobile phone App. Insiders said the mobile Internet era, traffic is wealth, holding hundreds of millions of Tencent mobile housekeeper flow, cash flow can be effectively commercialized through WiFi entrance. At present, while Tencent mobile housekeeper users "free WiFi" function can be a key WiFi Internet connection will be immediately sent to the coupon business user, the user can go directly to the merchant holding a coupon consumption, combined with the completion of online and offline, like is O2O. It is reported that micro letter also launched a "micro-channel connected WiFi" function, hoping to get through even the WiFi online and offline, for merchants to provide traffic and users. Now Tencent mobile housekeeper also begun using the WiFi Pathfinder O2O, coupled with the previous step outside the Di Tencent shares, commercial WiFi Tencent already in the snatch heavily planted. BAT to bring capital to seize the entrance before admission, bus operators 16WiFi WiFi construction announced the completion by the Internet giant Baidu lead investor A round of financing, financing amount of more than 100 million yuan. The same day, the Chinese media announced that its subsidiary - Bus operators CTS WiFi Internet get Baidu's 70 million yuan A round of equity financing transaction is completed delivery. Baidu action in the field of WiFi so frequently, perhaps to some extent by Tencent, Alibaba stimulation. As early as last August, Alibaba invested Koala Smart WiFi service provider network; last year, the public comment within Tencent to bring the camp together to commercial WiFi service providers to invest 300 million yuan Di step outside. In addition to the Big Three BAT, millet, 360 and other Internet companies are also involved in the field of WiFi software and hardware, overweight capital investment. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, commercial WiFi, public WiFi WiFi is an extension of the family, to a certain extent, to meet consumer demand for networking anywhere, while user access to the Internet as the underlying entrance, has great potential value. This is the Internet giants competing layout, the underlying causes of the frequent throwing funds. In addition, the Internet is now the ecological environment has changed. Mobile Internet began to surpass PC Internet has become mainstream, and a broadband Internet-based PC, can be used for the mobile Internet, but for the development of space is very limited. WiFi has become one of the few mobile Internet portal. Alipay transaction entry, shopping entrance electricity supplier App, seize the entrance has been the focus of BAT. WiFi ecosystem need to get through the difficult realization both commercial WiFi, or public WiFi, are currently free to the user based on the basis, which means that liquidity difficulties WiFi operators and entrepreneurs to invest in the Internet giant's team had to embrace, to become giants pawn ecological layout, or if funds strand breaks occur, or will only be withdrawn from the market. Thus, the capital injection will drive giant WiFi service provider market reshuffle. In fact, commercial WiFi, public WiFi industry stakeholders are very much involved, including the WiFi service providers, hardware manufacturers, service providers and other security, WiFi service providers on the one hand competition is the technology and business innovation, on the other hand to grab the the line covering various scenarios, spreading the market can not do without strong financial support nature. Industry insiders believe that, at present, commercial WiFi, public WiFi development is still at an early stage, entrance prominent position, BAT and other Internet giants, although capital investment, which is the result of their own to do too busy with other segments similar to a card battle, but rush to vote WiFi service providers a card at the same time, substantial cash movements has happened yet. That is, the resources within the ecosystem was not a strong integration or open. It is worth mentioning that the layout of the Internet giant in commercial WiFi, public WiFi, it is also faced with the competition of telecom operators, carriers holding core network infrastructure, but also to seek diversion from the mobile network traffic, wishing to become capable of WiFi value-added services to users, current prices are still too high flow of resources, it has become one of the major reasons for the slow development of the industry. Long-term studies of fierce commercial WiFi Technology founder Wang Guanxiong said input costs for commercial WiFi is large, but profit model of a single, can not provide a personalized service, homogeneous competition is obvious. In the long run, the Internet company's model to emulate, through burn practices to get the number of users is bound to cover not last long, through differentiated services and refinement of management to win their competitive position is the best choice. With the rapid development of commercial WiFi nearly three years before entering a new stage of development, Wang Guanxiong that the building of the wave of WiFi in almost into the middle and late, urgent urgent need to better operate to ensure the healthy development of the industry, and data analysis, advertising field operations and other needs professional talent to join, this is just part of the existing industry pain points. 

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