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Corporate website link building needs atten..

Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 1347    Author: 0d87b09646
 First, the construction site a wide range of site positioning of people, but not all types of sites are suitable. You must first clear understanding of the characteristics of their industry, their own businesses and user groups and user needs, they want to do something through the website? If a general business, want to promote their own website, we recommend using the general form of the site. And if the station's purpose is to expand sales through the network, network marketing, it is an e-commerce site. Find their own position, it is the foundation of a website. The technology is not better, the more dazzling the better. Different users have different needs. For younger users, it may be a little fashion, for business people, will have simple and fast. Second, the choice to find a good web development language localization, we can consider what kind of front-end technology to construct the site. Back-end technology is not important, but the basic technical background and relevant to users is not, and for the development of business sites, have been very mature, no matter asp,, php or jsp, have no major problems . The front end is closely related to the manifestation of your site, thereby affecting the show you want to give the user what kind of website. Third, choose a good domain name and domain hosting provider is very important, as they are not English-speaking countries, English is not sensitive to most users, so unless your site only to face the high-end user, it is recommended to use simple numbers or alphabet as a domain name . Simple digital is certainly the best of the mind. If there are no good figures Alternatively, Pinyin is an ideal choice. Do not feel you have no grade with the alphabet. On the Internet, simple, easy to remember, is the key to success. Fourth, to find a suitable site for the developer if you do not own the design and technical team, and they just want to build a modest business website or product site to find a site that developer to complete the development of the site is very Wise choice. They detailed understanding of your needs and website localization, provide recommendations from a professional point of view, to help you solve a lot of you might not expect, or do not know how to think of the plan implementation. Fifth, find a suitable person in charge of looking for a developer to be responsible for the development of the site, but also to find a suitable person to be responsible for the interface and website developers contacted over there, that person should at least understand the knowledge of some of the Internet. If both do not understand the technology, but also do not understand the design, it should also be at least some Internet application experience, the only way to reduce the cost of communication, allowing developers smoothly. Sixth, the user experience first site is not the more the better dazzle, nor is it as simple as possible, but not a stack of information, the better. Site is not a work of art, but a display platform. For web sites, that is user experience issues. Site development technology has been ahead, especially after the rise of web2.0 tide, many front-end technology is also changing. But no matter what the technology, all the content services. Worth mentioning flash, ajax worth mentioning, is to achieve a more convenient operation. 

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