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Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 1405    Author: 602cd44654
 Friends to the reception, since ancient times. "The Yellow River water to the sky, rushing to the sea Nevermore." Showing its pride and unrestrained. Li Bai, Du Fu, it is not absolutely poetic love wine. "Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Jinzun empty for months. I'm Born with, daughter cleared up again" ...... "On Jun jug of wine, fine discretion of the spring." This summer the beginning, Wuhan Ming Yi garden and wine industry gathered a friend, toast with joy. If reproducing three thousand years ago, "pipa", more elegance Scholar Aston spring reception. Friends gather wine, when the wine into the intestinal thirds Xiao Hao, seven led to moonlight gas. Friends of wine as a way to talk about life experiences together with friends, and seek common development. Yeeper wine, do not drink more. Can not take bad wine, the people drunk, drink themselves. Drinking wine selection is very important. Maotai is too expensive, only the taste; Liejiu bad, drinking Shang Wei. Wuhan Ming Yi Park Luzhou to recommend to you the first song - Red Classic. Luzhou the first song - Red Classic 38 degrees, 42 degrees, 52 degrees ranging, drink can not drink, you can drink! Luzhou the first song - Red Classic is Luzhou Group 1573 Following yet another masterpiece of ingenuity, quality wine rut bright clear: rich mellow taste! Entrance soft and cool and clean. Maotai liquor specialties absolute classic is not saying much. Luzhou the first song - red classic brewing techniques on behalf of China's intangible cultural heritage, the National Liquor Group of Experts Comment: colorless, transparent, cellar-elegant, mellow and clean, soft coordination, net fragrant long tail, typical style. Texture is clear and transparent, cellar-rich, mellow mellow, head alcohol end of the net, after-taste than long, barbed hose when not drink, do not drink after the top. Taste premium wines, the cheap wine prices. The election of the wine, in which is the key to getting a drink. Supermarkets, expensive; shop, you do not say, do not know the true and false wine. Wuhan Ming Yi Park Trading Company of Hubei distributor Luzhou series, priced at wholesale. Wuhan Ming Yi Park Wuhan Ming Yi Trading Company is a famous park operating company approved by the national business sector registered rapid development of one of the industry's leading enterprises. Is the central area of ??famous liquor agents, owns many famous brands, including France Bordeaux's top wine brands Custer series, as well as the country's top brands Great Wall, Changyu, Dynasty series, involving Luzhou, Wuliangye East Johnson son, Lang brand special song, liquor and other white edge series. After 16 years of arduous struggle, Wuhan Ming Yi Park has been a regional company grew rapidly to serve central China, the radiation of the professional wine business. Companies with flexible and effective, strong market system and highly recognized core values, good corporate culture and clear strategy for enterprise development, the use of modern enterprise management system focused strategy to ensure strong business development strategy has been implemented. Wuhan Ming Yi Park established a Wuhan as the center, as a foothold in Hubei, central China radiation group, customers all over the country's Internet network under comprehensive, three-dimensional marketing network, combined with caring and dedicated professional sales service, continue to grow and enhance corporate image, has won a good reputation and market reputation. Ming Yi Park is currently the main sales areas: Hubei; China; Anhui; Shaanxi; Fujian; Guangxi; Sichuan; Shanxi; Beijing; Guizhou; Shandong; Hunan. The main customer groups: secondary wholesalers, community small supermarket, hotel, dealers, tobacco shops, tobacco and grocery store, hotel name cigarettes, drinks firms, end customers. Wuhan area, free home delivery. Wuhan Ming Yi Park will continue to deepen the country's development strategy and the comprehensive development strategy more kinds of wine, now the wine and spirits brand promotion activities still hot. 0 cost to join, might purchase large amounts of alcohol can be returned, everything all reflect the Ming Yi Park who abandon small profit, a win-win, win-win, determined to build strategic thinking liquor market distribution joint carrier and sustainable development. 

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