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 Shenzhen wisdom ecological farm micron micron Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded, the farm is located in Guangming New District, adjacent to the light-speed south, away from the industrial pollution of land, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, fresh air, good soil quality. Active abandon modern farm-scale agricultural and chemical agriculture has great harm, active return intensive nature of agriculture, promote natural farming, ecological cycle. Farms with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model foreign business, from the farm directly to the members, the formation of producers and consumers face to face, and the table is connected to the farm. To encourage people to return agricultural labor, return to nature, feel nature and man; the acceptance of members supervise, we provide not only produce, but also an attitude to life and lifestyle. Farm aims to create a people, man and nature live in harmony lifestyle, hope to rebuild consumer confidence. Farm use membership management system, Where the farm lease, namely farm automatically become members, members have their own private vegetable garden. Vegetable farms with a person responsible for the management to ensure that all belong to the harvest of vegetable crops owned, private vegetable on all members. Chinese name microns wisdom ecological farm English name Micron wisdom farm Address Komeito Tong Mei micron farm address material pit Avenue / spar road beautiful (Road) 200 meters west of the advantages of environment, convenient transportation and catalog 1-on CSA 2 II on micron Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 3 Third, on the micron wisdom Ecological Farm 4 Fourth, the development goals? their core values? management philosophy? idea of ??cooperation? enterprise spirit? Corporate Vision 1-on CSA Community Supported Agriculture (CSA, CommunitySupportedAgriculture) concept in 1970s originated in Switzerland, and has been initially developed in Japan. Then consumers in order to find safe food, to work together with farmers who want to establish a stable source of the establishment of economic cooperation. Now, CSA has been spread around the world, grassroots organizations in different countries and regions, while in practice CSA have developed their different experiences. CSA concept thus also from the original joint purchase, economic cooperation extending more meaning. From the literal point of view, CSA refers to everyone in the community to make a commitment to the operation of the farm, so the farm can be legally and spiritually, becoming the community's farm, so that farmers and consumers to support each other and to take risks and share the benefits of food production. This is a mutually supportive urban and rural communities, the development of local production, local consumption style small regional economic cooperation. On the basis of this cooperation, CSA share value on the one hand in the ecology and conservation of resources, mutual sharing of community relations, value passed in the emotional and cultural communities, on the other hand tend to promoting healthy agricultural practices, sustainable living and includes a body, mind, and spirit, including the integration of the concepts of health. So it is not simply organic life or environmental protection, not only designed the consumer movement (ConsumersMovement), behind the more is how we see the world, and this view is also reflected in community development work. 2 Second, on the micron micron Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a food waste treatment from the source separation, collection, processing, resource utilization, integrated operators. The company has more than 50,000 square meters of micron Biological Park, more than 300 employees, and National Taiwan University College of Agriculture, South China University of Technology, Institute of Microbial Guangdong, Huizhou College and other institutions of higher learning and research institutions to establish a long-term relationship with a by researchers and research institutions of higher learning, composed mainly of senior professor of the subject complete, well-structured research projects and the construction team. The company introduced German Bolet [BRIGHT] The company's most advanced technology to provide customers with the most stable and best kitchen waste food solutions into the Chinese market. Micrometers companies use their own advantages in resources and supporting the production capacity, the comprehensive development of domestic and foreign markets, and strive to world-class standards, for the majority of Chinese users with the most professional food waste treatment services. After eight years of development, bio-micron technology maturity, establish ecological agriculture circular economy industrial company, with oil and water separation, gas treatment, microbial strains cultivation, biological treatment and a number of national patents, to achieve a food waste reduction and harmless treatment. The company currently has established Kitchenware equipment development and manufacturing, waste processing operations, bio-organic fertilizer manufacturer and one of four new eco-agriculture ecological industrial chain. 3 Third, on the micron micron wisdom wisdom ecological farm covers an area of ??850 acres of agro-ecology, located in Guangming New District, adjacent to the Shiyan Reservoir [1], away from polluting enterprises, good air quality, good soil quality, with good production conditions and environmental advantages . Learn from foreign mature CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, combining the characteristics of China's unique urban-rural relations, farm innovation and development in the business model, through "private vegetable plot," the Tegong channels for farm not only has tourism experience, cultivate body and mind educational demonstrations and other cultural functions, but also in solving people's food basket project has played an unexpected role. Members recognize the farm to grow vegetables to members in the form of development, members can choose to customize the planting, harvesting real organic vegetables, while still healthy body and mind, to experience a new way of life; members can also choose to vegetable hosted on Farm , farm management can arrange a private vegetable each member to ensure that the annual harvest. Farms will be based on each member's home for dinner with the family members of different frequency design different minimum yield guarantee, truly meet the requirements for membership of the table. If you choose to boarding the distribution of membership, farm 1-2 times weekly delivery of fresh meat, vegetables and eggs, home to members, in order to protect the members of the table normally required. As a result of the farm farm-to-table supply point mode, omit all the intermediate links, thereby saving the intermediate fold difference were also members of the benefits of lower vegetable prices, the farm produced only green vegetables healthy and inexpensive . 4 Fourth, the development goals hope that through unremitting adhere micron, for the construction of the farm, Shenzhen has become the set of natural cultivation, breeding, food processing, food distribution, to visit scientific research, education, training and demonstration as one of the ecological agriculture base, which was built into Chinese food supply assured brand. Farm based in rural areas, leading farmers to get rich; while facing the city to promote public participatory urban ecological agriculture, carry out training in urban agriculture, food security and sustainable livelihood promotion, farming experience and other educational activities, the farm into a public experience farming and sustainable life, develop a healthy consumption of urban agriculture and environmental awareness education base; the same time, research and demonstration featuring education, and strive to become training bases and ecological education of college students and schoolchildren; consumption through the development of urban health network, promoting the formation of the "common purchase Type "Consumer cooperatives. For rural research and promotion of combining traditional farming and agro-based nature of modern ecological agricultural technology, to build their own technical specifications and certification system, provide demonstrations and training services to farmers 'cooperatives around and assist farmers' cooperatives to modern ecological agriculture in agricultural production . The business model will eventually and social responsibility, integration of sustainable development concept to guide the city health consumer cooperatives and rural green production cooperatives docking, through direct mutual aid between producers and consumers of urban and rural areas so that farmers feel at ease, consumer confidence, Environment peace of mind, rebuild trust and cooperation mechanisms of society, to achieve the sound development of urban and rural areas, and promote the process of urban feeding in rural areas. Thanksgiving core values ??of integrity and pragmatic innovation integrity is the man who micron guidelines, pragmatic work style micron people, Thanksgiving is micron human attitudes, innovation is the path of struggle microns. Executive management philosophy derived from the specification details of creating magical resource integration of lean management philosophy of cooperation in good faith and cooperation to create value integrity and innovation spirit of enterprise corporate vision to provide efficient and environmentally friendly living environment clean and green for the Earth's inhabitants have become micron organic food farm wisdom ★ What are the benefits members receive fresh, non-polluting organic vegetables; ★ cheaper than the supermarket price of organic vegetables; ★ know food comes from, who planted these vegetables have the opportunity to participate in planting, cultivation knowledge to understand; ★ support and protect local agriculture and arable land and the contribution of the health of the local economy; ★ one can bring their children to experience the local ecological civilization; ★ foster the children's best place and way patient, attentive and caring; ★ understand their relationship with the land, the farm, and the understanding that They make it possible for us to survive; between ★ people more mutual understanding and trust; ★ free to participate in various health organizations micron lectures, educational activities and meetings exchanges; ★ understand nature, recognizing land, start a healthy environment and sustainable new life! 

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