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What old insulating flange structure and ch..

Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 365    Author: a1920d0836
 What old insulating flange structure and characteristics? Commonly used after a series of old insulating flange assembled for combined insulating flange, its structure is mounted can be installed separately, can also be installed in conjunction with connecting valves. In the assembly process, we need to use oil and rubber asbestos for insulation flange gasket material, chloroprene rubber sheet, neoprene fabric base plate and Teflon and other materials. To improve the characteristics of the new insulating flange, we have to improve the characteristics of city gas distribution project for low pressure, the pressure in the pipe PN≤0.4MPa. Wherein the insulating flange features are: steel, good insulation properties, the need for special mounting positions special installation, and high cost. Assembled insulating flange saves project costs, but also saves on-site installation location, is a simple application of the new insulation flange assembly construction cost is particularly low. In the new development of new insulating flange, we are made to improve the applicable type insulating flange according to the old structure. Teflon materials, oil and rubber asbestos sheet, neoprene rubber insulation out of the above mentioned flange gasket use may be made of a special role of steel flanges, assembled after it became the new insulating flange . How the composition of the new insulating flange it? According to the transmission and distribution projects in the pipe network using steel flat flange flat flanges welded in place, we can learn to make the overall high-strength insulating sleeve, insulating sleeve to the fastening bolts and insulation pads will be two for First, that is to say we have to wear a sleeve steel flange bolt holes to expand the use of high-strength phenolic cloth laminated board and press cloth tube production. In order to ensure that the insulation flange requirements, we focused on new insulating flange assembly can pass through the insulating sleeve. Yulin to Jinan gas pipeline cathodic protection engineering is impressed current cathodic protection engineering from the Jiaozuo City, Hong Kun cathodic corrosion protection Limited provide for the project, provides corrosion protection products and technical guidance in the the project. Corrosion products through our continuous improvement and innovation of high quality, high-quality product quality and excellent service has always been the darling of the anti-corrosion industry concern. Anti-corrosion products you buy preferred manufacturers. 

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