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SWF Francis fan what type of best quality

Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 1402    Author: f10d811420
 Mentioned SWF Francis fan of us are not familiar with, because in recent years with the rapid development of industrialization, such devices on the market are numerous, but there are also some disadvantages, such is the quality of the equipment supplied by different manufacturers will different, we can not be completely up to judge the quality of products from the price of the good or bad, what kind of quality SWF Francis fan will have to ensure this? Today as we analyze this problem. In order to get user acceptance, our company in all aspects of production in SWF Francis fan are subject to stringent testing procedures, so the quality will be guaranteed. For example, my company's production standards which their fans are in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant state departments of production, so that quality products are manufactured under the fan rated air flow, total pressure error does not exceed ± 5%, performance selection table the performance under standard conditions, for the product are to establish higher standards of corporate internal control in product assurance system, of course, the installation is also divided into two types one is horizontal, and the other is the House-hall The installation, in the view of the applicable temperatures running conditions at high temperature 300 ℃ for 60 minutes or more, of course SWF Francis fan also meet at a temperature of 100 ℃ continuous 20 hours / time is not damaged, is characterized above all to meet before they can It has adequate safeguards to protect the quality of such fans. 

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