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What are the characteristics flange pipe in..

Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 357    Author: a1920d0836
 Pipe insulation flange which characteristic? Why insulating flange have different uses it, which have different characteristics and practical together. Pipe insulation flange contains what material? Long-term reliable work under pressure to requirements? We are generally in the structure of sufficient strength and sealing function, to take a different insulating flange reasonable structure, assembly, disassembly, replacement parts and convenient. Pipe insulation flange has buried pipeline needs what brand? If the new insulation flanges are collectively referred to, together with a buried steel pipeline needs sealing function and electrical corrosion protection works needs an electrically insulating function pipeline flanged joints. It referred to a variety of insulating flange which classification. It contains different categories, which have different functions. Divide in the classification of a pair of steel flanges, insulation seal between two flanges, flange fasteners and fastener parts and a pair of insulated steel pipe and two short pieces with welded flanges respectively. The main role is between sections of gas transmission pipeline between the equipment and pipelines are insulated isolation, maintaining it against chemical corrosion and extend the service life of piping and equipment. To have different needs pipeline medium temperature, and have sufficient strength and sealing function. First, the old insulating flange between mainly used in gas transmission pipelines and gas regulator, metering, storage and other equipment. Why the required electrical insulation properties collectively pipe flange joints, mainly because of the insulating flange having a buried pipeline corrosion protection works electrical demand electrical insulation function. Both buried steel pipeline requires sealing properties and electrochemical corrosion protection projects. Old insulating flange relevant information on, but also have our Jiaozuo City, Hong Kun cathodic protection corrosion Co., detailed answers for you, please visit Jiaozuo City, Hong Kun cathodic protection corrosion Co., query, or contact us technical staff for consultation, the company has a large production base corrosion, corrosion products and professional production equipment, corrosion protection for your business escort, truly conscientious brand manufacturers. 

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