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Ye Xin horizontal supply of high viscosity ..

Date: 2015-07-24    Views: 1386    Author: d35e033095
 Equipment: 1, the product uses a special material pot metal forming stainless steel pot hemisphere, overall roundness error is small, meet high blender and pot, to avoid the paste pot phenomenon. 2, the use of electromagnetic heating, electric heating conducting oil, gas heating, steam heating. 3, mixing method using a special tilt and rotate the planetary stirrer pot full contact, the implementation does not integer revolution and rotation of the rotation ratio so that the pot without stirring dead. 4, the use of advanced rotary sealing structure, so that the pot no dead ends, easy to clean, in line with the country to certification standards. 5, the use of frequency control, speed can be adjusted from zero to maximum speed arbitrary. 6, hydraulic pouring way to achieve separate pot was stirred with hydraulic tilt pouring, reduce labor intensity. Equipment advantages: electromagnetic heating up fast, non-polluting, energy-saving and environmental protection, energy conservation, than the average 20% saving electric heating --30%. Device Uses: Widely used should in lotus seed paste, fruit Rong, bean paste, jujube paste, soy sauce, mushroom sauce, chili sauce, hot pot, fried turnip, fried celery, fried potato silk, fried lotus root and other prepared foods and curry household chemicals, pharmaceutical and other industries mixing and frying. These are automatic hydraulic planetary stirring wok details provided by Ye Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhucheng, if you have automatic hydraulic planetary stirring wok information have any questions, please contact the company further. Products depending on model configuration, different materials, the price is slightly different, please consult the factory. Contact information 

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