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The performance characteristics of Shaanxi ..

Date: 2012-09-26    Views: 192    Author: zqkangdablg
1, high strength - FRP cable pipe buried, no need to build a protective layer of concrete under the roadway, can speed up the the cable construction progress, reducing construction costs. 2, corrosion-resistant - FRP cable protection tube is special designed to resist the erosion of acid, alkali, salt, untreated sewage, corrosive soil and groundwater, and many other chemical fluid. Belt use in high-temperature saline land. 3, long life - FRP cable protection pipe protection than traditional long service life of the pipe, the design life of 50 years. Heat-resistant, flame-retardant, frost resistance - FRP cable protection tube at -50 ℃ -130 ℃ long-term use without deformation 5, good electrical insulation properties - FRP cable protection pipe a non-magnetic material, eddy current losses and electricity corrosion, energy-saving, suitable for single-core cable laying;-carrying capacity and thermal resistance, without any adverse impact on the normal operation of the cable. Flexible system with better adaptability - FRP cable protection tube pipe flexible, together with flexible joints that can withstand the damage caused by outside the weight and foundation settlement. 7 finish - FRP cable protection pipe wall is smooth, no glitches, wearing cable easily, and will not scratch the cable. 8, construction and installation is quick and easy - FRP cable protection pipe weighs only 1/4 of steel pipe, about 1/10 of the concrete pipe, simple and convenient transportation and laying. FRP cable protection pipe installation using the "O"-ring socket connection, connection joints sealed with rubber seals to adapt to thermal expansion and contraction, but will also prevent sediment entering the special position flange or adhesive can be used and other connections. 9, using a wide range - FRP cable protection pipe suitable for power, communication cables buried laying protection works, also applies to cable over the carriageway buried or traffic to be crossing laying cable across the bridge, across the river, such as special do protection works; environment for power grid construction and transformation of the city municipal reform, civil aviation airport construction projects, industrial parks, residential projects; traffic road and bridge engineering building construction field. Its dedicated accessory kit can be used depending on the project requirements the cable pipe system composed of multi-layer multi-column. 

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