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Date: 2012-09-26    Views: 192    Author: zqkangdablg
 FRP cable pipe production and operations management, planning, organization, implementation and control of business operations, is closely related to the work collectively with the product and service creation. In addition to the limited resources of personnel, equipment, funds, materials, information, time, reasonably organized to play their role in order to achieve certain operating objectives, such enterprise system is the enterprise shipped (after) camp management systems. Involves the urgent need to strengthen the management of production and operational aspects: first: FRP cable pipe disciplinary process and on-site day-to-day management of the standardization 4M1E personnel, machinery and equipment, materials, methods, environment belongs to the disciplinary process and on-site day-to-day management of the foundation. Since the disciplinary process is on-site day-to-day management of the foundation, then you take it as a primary task, as follows: (1) require the 4M1E the contents do standardized and documented; (2) full participation in the implementation of only the full participation of all the staff, in order to bring greater benefit to the company; (3) set up a special monitoring mechanism to be recorded by hand on a regular basis, and from time to time to check the effect of the implementation and improvement program; (4) review of the formation of the corrective preventive measures; (5) share the results, and the results achieved in the formation of quality records. : FRP cable pipe process engineering technology, standardized and documented process engineering technology is divided into two parts, namely, the product technology and production processes, among them both independence have relevance. FRP cable pipe products Production process is defined in the design phase of the product system solutions; production process of the product technology in the production stage production sequence and production methods through the use of IE techniques to adjust the product process to achieve the optimal process plan. Process engineering technology to enhance product first need to strengthen the standardization of product technology and file of the building, followed by the standardization of the production process and file (that is, the development of effective, executable process card). Third: the presence of production automation FRP cable pipe production automation and process engineering and technical interactions, product technology basically determines the degree of automation of the production process. Production automation also need to rely on the investment in equipment and infrastructure, reducing investment in production equipment and infrastructure the artisanal mode and reach a production mode. The enhance production automation prerequisite still needs to be standardized and documented process engineering. Fourth: the logistics system standardized FRP cable pipe material system business processes divided into six stages, namely: product development, material requirements, procurement of materials, supplies, material control, product manufacturing and distribution constitute a supply chain. Production relates only product manufacturing and distribution logistics system, and now the main factor is the troubled production of the material distribution can not be in place in time. The distribution of materials can not be in place in time to fundamentally resolve the phenomenon should be business process re-review our material system, and optimization, standardization and procedures. 

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