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Antiseptic properties of glass pipes

Date: 2012-09-26    Views: 177    Author: zqkangdablg
Sewage corrosion resistant than steel, iron, reinforced concrete pipes, rectangular pipes with fiberglass and polyurethane rigid foam structure cool and structure hidden iron, steel, reinforced concrete pipes, the kind of stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue. Fiberglass foam composite rectangular duct, glass fiber reinforced plastic and polyurethane rigid foam, are double excellent anti-corrosion properties of the material. The FRP structural performance is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the glass fiber, corrosion resistance, as determined mainly by the corrosion resistance of the base resin. Universal unsaturated polyester resin, glass pipes, 50 ℃ non-oxygen acid acids, salts medium suitable for moderately corrosive environment; vinyl vinegar resin glass pipes, acidic medium under 93 ℃, 60 ℃ alkaline medium and salt medium under the harsh environment of long-term use. Polyaminomethylenephosphonic cool rigid foam, in 5% acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc. medium strength, elastic modulus, reduced little, and sealed in glass fiber reinforced plastic inner and outer shell and tube, the material properties by the reduction of the effects of corrosion may be ignored. Urban drainage pipeline, subject to the dual role of the of sewage corrosive media and external load stress. Sewage corrosive medium alone, be piping general corrosion and erosion-corrosion, caused by peeling off the wall and formation of holes trench weaken the pipeline of effective cross-sectional dimensions and increase the flow resistance; sewage corrosive media with external stress together, make the pipeline generating the stress corrosion cracking (in the corrosive medium, much lower than the stress of the material yield strength limit will cause the structure cracking; extremely weak corrosive medium under stress may cause the structure cracking) and corrosion fatigue (the fatigue strength of the material and fatigue life than the corrosion state has been reduced). The corrosive effects, particularly detrimental for reinforced concrete pipe. Because stress corrosion cracking in the pipe can be compared with the actual cracking moment design the moment to reduce the sectional crack width and the depth increases, the reduction of the height of the concrete compression zone, section ultimate bearing capacity and form unshielded direct corrosion protection of reinforced: The Corrosion Fatigue also designed strength and lower life expectancy than the actual strength and life of reinforced a serious structural hazards.

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