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The FRP pipe repair and reinforcement Card ..

Date: 2014-07-16    Views: 174    Author: tjcarbon
 First, the card of the carbon fiber, Kevlar fabric reinforced repair pipeline repair technology uses fiber composites filled resin filled pipeline defects treated with special adhesive and then the outer wrapping pipes need reinforcement fiber material, the formation of fibrous composite reinforcement layer. After the reinforcing layer is cured, is formed integrally with the pipe, the pipe material in place of the pressure bearing pipe, so as to achieve or restore the operating pressure exceeds the pipeline design purposes. The FRP repair and reinforcement card system consists of three components: a card of the CFRP and aramid fabrics; 2, Shuhei resin; 3, impregnated plastic, three parts work together as a whole in the pipeline. Second, the card of the FRP pipe repair and reinforcement system for reinforcing the technical characteristics of a pipeline, free solder does not flare up, with the pressure of running in under repair; 2, the construction is simple and efficient, the operating time is short; 3, elastic modulus carbon fiber modulus of elasticity of steel is very close, as much as possible in favor of composite materials bearing the pipeline pressure, reduce stress levels pipeline containing defects, limiting expansion and deformation pipeline; 4, high tensile strength carbon fiber for pipeline repair with a high security, and excellent creep resistance of carbon fiber composite material, its strength increases with service time remained unchanged; 5, carbon fiber reinforced composite material layer thickness is small, easy to follow embalmed; 6, carbon fiber reinforced wound , laying flexible, can ring welding and spiral weld defects (including high weld reinforcement and serious wrong side) reinforcement. The key can also be irregular repair of elbow, tee, top; 7, can be used for corrosion, mechanical damage and repair cracks and other defects reinforcement can also be used to put pressure enhancement of the pipe segment, wide range of applications. Third, the card of the FRP pipe repair and reinforcement system construction process one, pretreatment of the outer surface of the pipe, clear coating; 2, the use of electric blasting tool grinding surface of the pipe, to rust requires St3 level; 3, using the cleaning agent pipe surface and make it fully dry; 4, in the depression filled resin smear, to repair defective parts surface roughness; 5, after initial curing resin filled, winding high-strength carbon fiber composite materials, composite materials to ensure the coverage of defective parts, then winding; 6, reinforcing regional embalmed. Fourth, the card of the FRP pipe repair and reinforcement system is suitable for a range of 1, long-distance pipelines, process piping, gathering and transportation pipelines, distribution network; 2, metals, non-metallic and composite pipe; 3, buried across the pipeline; 4 straight tube and pipe, the size of the head, three other Yixingguan pieces. Note: This card is mainly used for FRP reinforcement technology has not yet leaking pipeline defects reinforcement and enhancement. The pipeline has been plugging leaks and reinforcing process, please contact us. 

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