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Bamboo steam pipe production equipment (boiler) c..

In mid-October, the company arranged a bamboo production equipment such as: hot press machine, steam piping (boiler) maintenance, clean the boiler from dirt, South ROCKET comprehensive solution to th..

Bamboo fiber product categories are there?

Bamboo fiber products constituting units, the monomer may be fiber bundles or fibroblasts. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber products 2014-09-06

Bamboo fiber can absorb bad body odor emitted

May be ready to ordinary cotton mixed goods, bamboo fiber products; bamboo fiber bamboo fiber towel wet (purpose fully activated bamboo fiber molecules) and then the soy sauce, cooking oil, etc. are ..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber products 2014-08-29

..e brands of bamboo fiber product..

Bamboo charcoal is a new resource development and environmental protection materials with superior performance. The drying temperature of 800 degrees through bamboo carbonization process, the formati..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber products 2014-08-29

..what is the bamboo fiber and its product..

Because bamboo has good antibacterial properties in the growth process, no insects in the growth process, no rot, without using any pesticides, thus regenerated cellulose fibers made from bamboo as ..

..oduction of bamboo fiber is how muc..

At 2000 times the electron microscope, bamboo fibers can absorb a lot of water and evaporated; all natural fiber, bamboo fiber releasing moisture absorption and permeability, is the best, the degree ..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber production 2014-08-27

How bamboo fiber products in the end like?

Bamboo has a strong water absorption, not color, not compacted, not moldy properties, bamboo fiber towel is generated based on this feature. Coupled with its antibacterial function, bamboo fiber towe..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber towel 2014-08-27

Bamboo fiber fabric can be washed it?

Bamboo fiber fabric can be washed, dry-cleaning, machine washable, not drying time machine wash after wash to dry in a ventilated dark place, not 嚗 drying, ironing should choose low iron. Towels are..
kewwords : Cleaning bamboo fiber products 2014-08-27

..oduction of bamboo fiber equipmen..

UV: bamboo fiber for six ten thousandths UV transmittance, UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton, bamboo fiber without any free charge, antistatic, stop itching and moisture management propertie..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber 2014-08-24

Bamboo fiber has a hollow product features

Bamboo fiber has a small unit size, soft feel good whiteness, fiber shiny; toughness and wear resistance, unique resilience; has strong vertical and lateral strength, uniform and stable, good drape; ..
kewwords : Bamboo fiber function 2014-08-24
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