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Ye Xin horizontal supply of high viscosity materi..

..n paste, jujube paste, soy pan class='hili'>saucepan>, mushroom pan class='hili'>saucepan>, pan class='hili'>chilipan> pan class='hili'>saucepan>, hot pot, fried turnip, fried celery, fried potato silk, fried lotus root and other prepared foods and curry household chemicals, pharma..

Chili pan class='hili'>saucepan> pot bottom material automatically sti..

.. cook, stew, porridge, etc., it is highly topping pan class='hili'>saucepan> manufacturer, meat cooked food companies, enterprises and other spices favored industry, food processing to improve quality, shorten time, imp..

Lotus seed paste What are the features of planeta..

.. leader. Planetary stirring wok lotus seed paste, pan class='hili'>chilipan> pan class='hili'>saucepan> pan stirring, automatic planetary stirring wok, wok seafood planet stirring, stirring pan class='hili'>chilipan> pan class='hili'>saucepan> planet pot, hot pot stirring pot, pot ..

..hafing dish pan class='hili'>chilipan> pan class='hili'>saucepan>s Wok Wok automatic mixin..

1, the mixing system: mixing method using a special tilt rotation, so that the planet is stirrer and pot full contact, the implementation does not rotate with the autobiography of rotation integer r..
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