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Glass sun room

Sun room, also known as glass house, English name: winter garden. Sun room with glass and metal frame built Ming non-traditional architecture, in order to achieve and enjoy the sun, close to the purp..

.. wasteland, glass cleani..

Shenzhen Hing Cleaning Services Ltd after a long cleaning cleaning work to become a professional with a wealth of experience and improve the cleaning staff organization, technology management system..
kewwords : 2013-10-28

Shenzhen Longgang plant clean clean clean second-..

Shenzhen second-hand house cleaning household cleaning _ _ _ home pioneers in addition to formaldehyde Shenzhen Hing Cleaning Services Limited is a registered through regular cleaning company in She..

.. sunshade / glass house shades procurement misun..

Many different types of sun room window shades, but for the best home or two-track folding. Because this sunshade, beautiful appearance, easy installation, low noise. But this sunshade accessories, ..

To install the skylight shades, sun room curtains..

..ning in the hot sun is little effect, because the glass ceiling is sealed state, and Out of the sun's heat, long-term effect of the indoor temperature will be more and more high, the cause can not s..

..loss of the glass indust..

The real estate start will usher in a decade for the first time negative growth in upstream and downstream industry is forced to adjust to years after the building materials shops not yet opened the ..
kewwords : 2012-04-09

..chitectural gla..

..using to provide an opportunity for architectural glass In early 2011, Premier Wen Jiabao has made clear that the next five years, China plans to build 36 million units of affordable housing, afford..
kewwords : 2012-04-09

.. insulating glass to promote building energy eff..

..nited States basically popularized the insulating glass, Low-E insulating glass accounted for all insulating glass for over 50%. With the input of 900 billion yuan central affordable housing project..
kewwords : 2012-03-05

..ed with the glass curtain wa..

.. dioxide emissions of up to 178 million tons. The glass curtain wall and PM2.5 soared high hidden causal link Beijing two days before the foggy, many people have chosen to hide in the indoor or taxi..
kewwords : 2012-02-29

..cial center glass curtain wall construction Tend..

..he name of tenders: 04-block commercial center of glass curtain wall engineering 2, Project Location: 3, Project Type: General Engineering Construction Content: the decoration works; 5, type of stru..
kewwords : 2012-02-27
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