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What old insulating flange structure and characte..

What old insulating flange structure and characteristics? Commonly used after a series of old insulating flange assembled for combined insulating flange, its structure is mounted can be installed se..

..acteristics flange pipe insulation ..

Pipe insulation flange which characteristic? Why insulating flange have different uses it, which have different characteristics and practical together. Pipe insulation flange contains what material?..

..nless steel flanges of the main product advantag..

..Limited in the overall gas pipeline, not only the insulating flange structure, safe, reliable, and users have been widely praised in cathodic protection engineering. And insulation for insulating fl..

.. is used in insulating flan..

What make the principle of insulating flange is used? For many years, Jiaozuo City, Hong Kun cathodic protection corrosion Co., insisted from the choice of materials, research and development, produ.. welding flange insulation it? Cloud Hite for..

Corrosion welded insulating flange Cangzhou outlets insulating flange works by insulating flange gasket and high insulation strength of the insulating sleeve electrical insulation properties on both..

Common insulating flange which classification

Common insulating flange which classification? On different occasions, our insulation flange also have different effects. According to our analysis used, the production of anti-corrosion Hong Kun, a..

Ⅰ type insulating flange is constituted by which..

Ⅰ type insulating flange is constituted by which components? Why Ⅰ type insulation flange is too old-fashioned? Our old-fashioned composition diagram Ⅰ type insulating flange, all in Jiaozuo City..

Insulating flange type which is suitable to impro..

Insulating flange type which is suitable to improve it? Hong Kun corrosion produced Which insulating flange has used it? For our insulating flange we did not have anything to say? The insulation fla..

..ation steel flange standard si..

Product complies with SY / T0516-1997 "insulating flange design technical requirements" standard. Categories of this product according to the different insulation than the pressure of the seal into ..

..andard size flange welded insulated high voltage..

Yingkou large-diameter insulating flange procurement business, customer acceptance of large-diameter flange insulation assured people use the old insulating flange structure was applicable type impr..
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