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.. protection sewage treatment company specializin..

Development of sewage treatment industry is less per capita water resources in China, the spatial distribution imbalance. With the acceleration of China's urbanization, industrialization, the gap be..

.. integrated sewage treatment equipment and che..

Fu students integrated buried sewage treatment equipment Applications: ① sewage treatment plants, mining sewage treatment, waste water treatment units, school canteens sewage treatment, tourist spo..

Guangdong shaftless screw conveyor manufacturers ..

Shaftless drive system consists of the head assembly, chassis, shaftless screw body, tank liners, inlet, a gate, the door (if necessary), base composition screw conveyor structure. Head equipped wit..

Rural sewage treatment equipment technologically ..

Integration of buried sewage treatment equipment based on A / O biochemical process based, biodegradable sewage sedimentation, oxidation and disinfection technology in one sewage and industrial wast..
kewwords : 2015-07-20

..ents buried sewage treatment equipment excellent..

Fu students integrated buried sewage treatment equipment works: Integrated buried sewage treatment equipment to remove organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen depends on the device AO biological tre..

.. Wastewater sewage treatment works and other env..

Rich students dyeing wastewater treatment process selection The main considerations: organic matter in wastewater into biodegradable and non-biodegradable types. In biodegradable organic matter, the..

..e generator sewage treatment equipment excellent..

Bactericidal effect of chlorine dioxide generator Fu students: rich students chlorine dioxide generator has a good bactericidal effect. According to the Ministry of Health disinfection technical spe..

Slaughter sewage treatment equipment works

Excellent characteristics slaughter sewage treatment equipment is the use of glass, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel corrosion structure, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, service life up to 30 y..

.. laboratory sewage treatment equipme..

..ground sewer network simple treatment, to a large sewage treatment plant to focus. Since laboratory sewage complicated, especially lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, copper, antimony, diva..

.. wastewater treatment equipment sales | factory ..

..uld fully consider the impact of NH3-N wastewater treatment caused. Slaughtering Wastewater Pretreatment slaughter wastewater pretreatment is key to the whole system can function effectively. Slaugh..
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