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New Developments township sewage treatment techno..

.. period, as a key project of the Taihu Lake Basin water pollution control, waste water treatment plant in Wuxi City Ashimura previous three projects mentioned standard transformation and four works ..

How to prevent accidental contamination enamel ta..

..sulting in greatly reduced life expectancy tanks, water quality become poor, so that the enamel tank after the installation is complete, does not mean do not worry about anything, only regular maint..

..lain, groundwater pollution prevention and contr..

..e Ministry of Land, "the North China Plain, groundwater pollution prevention programs work," the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Water Resources recently issued a..

..p ten River Water pollution 60 percent of poor g..

Water safety is becoming a nation of "scourge." Xinhua News Agency reporters Wei Cishen and Ru Diaoyan, two days from now broadcast a series of reports, to pay close attention to the whole society. ..

..d about the pollution .. swimming in the river, down down, they say the water is very shallow, that I could swim, I found the water jump nearly 2 meters . "" Some time ago I went to, I find the piece I almost drowned riv..
kewwords : Ma water 2014-11-27

MEP six aspects of policy support in Xinjiang "mo..

.. Control Department of Environmental Protection , water pollution control, lake ecological environment protection, ecological construction and protection, environmental protection and capacity build..

China pollution in the end weigh? Three times the.. shame. "In addition to haze outside, our soil, water pollution as serious. On the 15th, the International Institute released a low carbon economy-related reports, "China has become the big pollut..
kewwords : China Water Pollution 2014-09-19

..lia Chifeng water pollution, 4,000 people for me..

..e pollution caused by invasive source of drinking water wells, a storm raid Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, a lot of rain water flooded the new city water company on the 9th Kowloon water wells, since..

Five Mistakes to Avoid drinking summer

Five Mistakes to Avoid summer drinking water is the most abundant element in the human body, it can not only meet the physical needs, but also to promote blood circulation and help take away the accu..

Severe pollution, Wenzhou river overnight change .. chemical spills yet affect downstream drinking water safety. South County downstream of the town throughout the city have been canceled temporarily without water measure. Overnight, clear water h..
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