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volume regulator Comparison Table & Instructions

    VR-TV ALC-TV VR5 ALC-06M,-HDMI ALC-05IN Board Users Household TV & computer Household TV & comput r Professional stereo & broadcast Professional stereo & broadcast Prof..
kewwords : volume regulato 2017-08-03

How can the set-top box with HDMI output connect ..

How can the set-top box with HDMI output connect to the automatic volume balancer? When you connect the set-top box with HDMI output to the automatic volume balancer, first, you need to connect a 3...
kewwords : How can the set 2016-12-13

Connection for Auto Volume Regulator

1. Auto volume regulator has two AUDIO IN jacks: red and white, which are connected via audio wires with AUDIO OUT jack on the player that needs balancing sources (such as STB, DVD, background music..
kewwords : 1. Auto volume 2016-11-18

Four slide switches on top of VR-TV and VR-5

Four slide switches on top of VR-TV and VR-5: 1. Output one-out-of-two switch: AUDIO OUT (1) or (2), one is connected with AUDIO IN on TV and the other is connected with AUDIO IN on amplifier; if th..
kewwords : Notices on Usin 2016-11-18

Notices on Using Audio Voltage Regulator

1.  Audio voltage regulator is usually installed between the STB (KOD player) and the power amplifier.  2. The output audio frequency of KOD player or STB should be better controlled withi..
kewwords : 1. Audio voltag 2016-11-18

Ineffective auto volume adjustment

1. Check whether the volume of satellite or digital TV STB, VCR, DVD, KOD player, computer, MP3 player, video game player and ad player are kept maximum  2. The volume can only be regulated whe..
kewwords : 1. Check whethe 2016-11-18

Auto volume regulator benefits

There are many satellite TV stations, and cable broadcasting and TV stations, whose signals come from different countries, and regions with different humidity, climate and criteria, so each broadcas..
kewwords : There are many 2016-11-18

Volume Decibel

30dB: the jet takes off  110dB: the propeller airplane takes off  105dB: permanent hearing damage  100dB: air-pressure drill  90dB: noise bars  ≤85dB: not damage the hairy ..
kewwords : 30dB: the jet t 2016-11-18

Performance test of good audio voltage regulator ..

1. Audio input voltage ranges from 0.2Vp-p to 20Vp-p and keeps stable and dynamic enough when being output;  2. Output audio voltage should be 0.5-0.8V, so that integrated power amplifier can be..
kewwords : 1. Audio input 2016-11-18

The method of volume control when public use mult..

The method of volume control when public use multimedia playback system In automobile passenger transportation waiting room, the hospital waiting room, airport lounges, use of multimedia television ..
kewwords : The method of v 2016-11-18
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