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..d of volume control when public use multimedia p..

The method of volume control when public use multimedia playback system In automobile passenger transportation waiting room, the hospital waiting room, airport lounges, use of multimedia television ..
kewwords : The method of v 2016-11-18 Air flow control valve regulating val..

Installed in the ventilation and air conditioning system, the return air duct, usually was turned on, the pipeline fires when the flue gas temperature reaches 70 degrees off, and in a certain amount..

.. air volume control damper duct valve off more Y..

FYH-SFVMD automatically reset smoke fire control valve FYHQ-SFVMD automatic reset wall smoke dampers FYH-SFVD self-locking type smoke fire control valve FYH-SFVD (ordinary) fire smoke exhaust valve ..

.. electronic control to answer your questio.. distribution cabinet is collectively and motor control centers. Power distribution cabinet use in load scattered, small loop occasions; motor control center for centralized load loop more occasio..

..we strictly control every li..

.. into the atmosphere , pollution and new emission control equipment designe..

Gas control and adjust the volume of blast furnac..

..adjustment generally rely on air blower frequency control, achieve bottom automatically adjust the volume of blast. Saturation temperature automatic adjustment: at this stage is widely used to autom..

..ed position control syst..

..ts INT0 48 studies pneumatic shears feed position control system, timers T0 and Timer T1. External interrupt initialization interrupt service routine is completed INT0 stepper motor operating parame..

280 degrees smoke damper 220V voltage electric da..

..pers, 280 ° dampers, 150 ° fire dampers, air flow control valve, a total plate valve, total plate damper, TDF fire exhaust valve , stainless steel valve, flapper valve, residual pressure valve, plat..

Controlled aircraft play equipment Passengers

Product description: "self-control aircraft" by mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical system components, the central vertical axis of rotation is a wound, lifting a free lift aircraft t..

.. oil out of control i..

So at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) conditions, SAE 15W-40 multigrade lubricating oil with SAE 40 single-grade lubricants with the same consistency, but more importantly, in temperatu..
kewwords : Hydraulic oil oil Mobil 2015-07-17
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