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Customer Case (Case)

Customer Case (Case)
kewwords : Customer Case 2016-11-10

Jilin custom wall rigid waterproof casing direct ..

..convenient; 2, to prevent cross-contamination; 3, cased water room, there are certain to prevent water seepage, flow, drip into effect lower; 4, protect pipelines waterproof casing is not destroyed ..

Soft Case Custom | Lake Garden Deluxe soft pack i..

Soft Pack 1. Applications Engineering software packages restaurants, hotels, hotels, conference rooms, clubs, audio-visual room, KTV, kindergartens, and other places. 2. Family soft bag bedroom, chi..

Yumen entity factory custom processing GB rigid w..

.. pipe wall thickness. Casing wall at the wall, in case of non-concrete walls should use concrete walls, pouring concrete its scope, type Ⅱ casing should fly ring diameter (D4) large 200mm, and must..

Customized food-grade silicone bakeware silicone ..

Factory covers an area of ??8,000 square meters, with a large number of excellent technical personnel. The factory has advanced machining equipment silicone molding machines, 10 sets of silicone mixe..

Henan standard factory specializing in custom pro..

Hebei Cangzhou clouds manufacturers autonomy from the sale of large diameter rigid waterproof casing, product qualification rate is 100% rigid waterproof casing pipe plus wing ring (steel ring set t..

Wuxi factory professional custom processing entit..

Heilongjiang manufacturers of high-quality production of large diameter rigid waterproof casing, the absolute quality is high rigid waterproof casing pipe plus wing ring (steel ring set to do on the..

..ys material Customer Case Studi..

There is a customer is doing online toy doll products, is made with PVC material before, in consideration of the environmental issues, the customer decided to use TPR / TPE as an alternative to PVC .. systems, customer orders to send ho..

Real Case: 10 sets a twelve hot runner systems, customer orders delivered to their doorsteps text | Hot constant runner today we share a Shenzhen toy mold customer case, they have a shell of plastic..
kewwords : A twelve runner system 2014-08-28

..ctory class customer case gatekeepers of G..

Huajian Group, Warburg Shoes Co., Ltd., Dongguan, Erke Group, pure group, Caine into products (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dong Yao Toy Limited, Dongguan Fenggang Yongfeng handbag, Guangzhou Chang..
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