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Repair of glass fiber winding equipment

Glass fiber winding equipment defect analysis, control measures and repair 1, composite material surface hair sticky, ..
kewwords : Glass and steel FRP pipe 2015-10-16

Glass pipe and RPMP What is the difference?

Power tube, also known as FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, glass fiber reinforced material, and unsaturated resin bonded molding, can be divided into low-alkali, alkali, high-alkali pipe, con..

FRP pipe is why so popular?

Advantages Xi'an glass pipe, you know a few? 1 glass pipe corrosion pollution, glass pipes are resistant to acid, alkali, salt, water, untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater, and many chemi..

RPMP excellent properties - fiber strength for yo.. market position in its future pipeline market. FRP tanks, GRP pipe, FRP pultruded profiles - Guangdong fiber strength FRP Co. (

FRP pultruded profiles molding process and the ma..

FRP pultruded profiles: Pultrusion is a continuous production of cross-sectional shapes and sizes, such as glass and steel profiles. Process pultruded FRP pultruded profiles: in traction role moldin..

GRP pipes advantage in the field of construction ..

..pipeline: a, good corrosion resistance, long life FRP pipe can resist all kinds of acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents and water, long-term erosion of sewage and other chemical mediators. Differ..

The FRP pipe repair and reinforcement Card System..

..ressure exceeds the pipeline design purposes. The FRP repair and reinforcement card system consists of three components: a card of the CFRP and aramid fabrics; 2, Shuhei resin; 3, impregnated plasti..

..i and Gansu FRP cable protection tu..

1, high strength - FRP cable pipe buried, no need to build a protective layer of concrete under the roadway, can speed up the the cable construction progress, reducing construction costs. 2, corrosio.. of glass pip..

..nt anti-corrosion properties of the material. The FRP structural performance is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the glass fiber, corrosion resistance, as determined mainly by the c..

FRP cable pipe production operations management s..

FRP cable pipe production and operations management, planning, organization, implementation and control of business operations, is closely related to the work collectively with the product and servi..
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