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..hat is sour gas sulfuric acid proces..

Coal gasification is an effective way to reduce coal pollution, but pollution caused by waste water generated in the gasification process on the environment. In this paper, different for the major po..

- Zhucheng Zhongtian Machinery Prevention

When using the PHPA such as high molecular weight long chain of dry polymer, another problem may occur in the drilling fluid is formed "fish eyes" and "strip", which is mainly composed of a mixture ..

.. loop inert gas spray drying proce..

Project Name: Closed loop inert gas spray drying process engineering Overview: closed-cycle inert gas spray drying process - closed-cycle air-spray group, respectively, by nitrogen closed-loop syste..

..isobutylene gas ala..

..trial high sensitivity, wide range of combustible gas leak detector can detect dozens of combustible gases, compact, simple operation, easy to carry, with extended flexible probe, shock resistance. ..

..ial process gas exchanger you know how muc..

Gas exchange is very popular in the market, in many places there is the shadow of a gas exchanger, through repeated studies expert on gas exchange will continue to improve its user's favorite to mak..
kewwords : Gas switch 2015-05-04

..rylonitrile gas ala..

Gas alarm Features: 1 with the gas alarm controller supporting the use of; 2 imported gas sensors, high precision and reliability; 3 two-wire structure; 4 explosion-proof design for hazardous condit..

..e amount of gas is calculate..

Baghouse calculation process gas, the amount of gas under the first requirement of the labor conditions, ie the actual amount of the gas bag filter through, and also consider the amount of air leaka..
kewwords : Baghouse process gas volume dust 2015-04-28

..hyl acetate gas ala..

..ance of a controller mounted a general matter (1) gas alarm controller, the controller should be installed in non-hazardous places meter room, Do not install in the explosion sites; (2), securely fa..

..all ethanol gas ala..

Gas alarm for detecting the concentration of the test gas in the ambient air standard 3U panel mounted 19 "rack using the main control panel display analog channels plus dual-channel card that can be.. natural gas insulating flange, selling recom..

Hunan manufacturer of high quality wholesale gas clouds insulating flange, ensuring quality insulating flange is both electrical insulation properties of buried steel pipelines require sealing prope..
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