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In July 2015, our company released a socket of utility model patent, which is very convenient and practical with neat appearance for the use of the power plug and adapter of right angle. In October ..
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Commercial WIFI Internet industry giants are hot ..

In the mobile Internet era, WiFi entrance has been business battleground. Recently, Tencent phone Butler announced the upgrade "free WiFi" feature in the latest version 5.6, and joint Starbucks, 58 ..

.. technology news Quart..

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, as a key project of the Taihu Lake Basin water pollution control, waste water treatment plant in Wuxi City Ashimura previous three projects mentioned standard transforma..

News WiFi let entrepreneurs army "Money" Unlimited market analysis, to recommend Anhui Technology News WiFi products. Of course, it is recommended WiFi product information, not groundless, but there is a great profit model is based. First, accord..

News WiFi | + map to see the opportunities the In..

..ispute, will move pulsating urban and new future! News WiFi WiFi as Anhui famous commercial enterprises, has been trying to start from three hundred forty-five tier cities, the layout of free hot sp..

Fun WiFi News WiFi lets you marketing

..ding wireless precision marketing of new demands. News WiFi there, so everything has changed. News WiFi router today, in many domestic commercial site, we encounter everywhere shout speaker, handed ..

News WiFi | five trap smartphones running traffic

Recently, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported that the smart phone sneak flow problems involving apples, millet, OPPO, vivo mobile phone brands. According to reports, inspectors in 10 mobile phone..

News WiFi network will help you get rid of the em..

.. products and technical support. Anhui Technology News WiFi products, with a strong performance advantage, software certification and technical support, is working to provide services for Wuhu, Anhu..

News WiFi | more industry to the "Internet + Inte..

This year's government work report first proposed the development of "Internet +" action plan, and stressed that "promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other combined wi..
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