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Overcapacity in the industry profits fall, compan..

..t of 10.2 million tons, an increase of 6.8%. Flat glass production to 434 million weight cases, an increase of 13.8%. In these industries are the Ministry of overcapacity in industry. The report rel..

Zhuhai glass curtain wall accessories _ the Zhuha..

Zhuhai glass curtain wall accessories _ the Zhuhai stone polishing wheel _ Stainless steel connections are claw [McNair and building materials] Zhuhai glass curtain wall accessories _ Zhuhai stone po..

.. management and customer management into a new p..

The company's project management and customer management into a new stage After the Sino-Swiss companies efforts of all staff, the company's brand overall. Currently, the company among the projects u..

.. steel fiberglass du..

..J). The boards do not vacuum, corrosion-resistant and acid. The long life of more than 30 years. Currently has over 20 large-scale medicine, food engineering is being used. Welcomed by customers. De..

.. structural glass curtain wall construction and ..

.. This paper introduces the cable structure of the glass curtain wall with steel cable truss design and quality control of the factors to be considered self-balanced cable trusses with steel cable pr..
kewwords : 2012-03-08

.. structural glass curtain wall construction and ..

..r cable in the cable truss at the point-supported glass curtain wall of the cable structure to withstand wind load resistance of the positive and negative air pressure and horizontal earthquake load..
kewwords : 2012-03-08

.. structure, glass wool produc..

.. standard selection criteria for the same region, glass cotton. The low temperature region is generally used in high bulk density and high thickness. High temperature region with low bulk density an..
kewwords : 2012-02-14

..chitectural Glass | Fire material | aluminum inv..

..s and switches, lighting control systems, cables; Glass and materials: building glass, furniture glass, decoration glass, and various accessories, glass fiber, glass curtain wall; Air conditioning a..

New space for sculpture company has R & D | Produ..

..stainless steel sculptures, sandstone sculptures, glass Gang sculpture class stone sculptures, cement sculptures, handicraft sculpture, rockery fake tree environmental art sculpture and so on. Craft..

..eel, cement and other bulk building materia..

[China Building Material] Currently, to further standardize the market economic order, building materials, recently with the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Developmen..
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