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.. 50 years. Since 1994, China imported from Italy, FRP pipe production technology, the national pipeline network under the first-tier cities to start using this new type of pipe. However, objective f..

FRP pipe industry status and outlook for marine a..

FRP composite materials industry in China started in the 1960s, but until the eighties, Hebei, Jiangsu Province, has congratulated the United States from Italy and the introduction of computer-contro..

..e equipment FRP drip irrigation fie..

.. 2011 field planting drip irrigation water supply FRP tube equipment procurement project at 9:00 on December 5th, 2010 bid opening, bid evaluation committee based on evaluation results, are on the s..

.. sewer pipe FRP sand and procureme..

Commissioned by the Airport Road sewer pipe FRP sand and competitive negotiation procurement purchases. Welcome to meet the documentation requirements for provider negotiations to participate in the ..

What is FRP process pipe

FRP process piping reason to enjoy "significant energy" in the world, characterized by the performance of the n ≤ 0.0084 - In the frozen medium, the pipeline will not be Frost Crack - Corrosion: pip..

..ous winding FRP pipe production line launch..

..nternational advanced level of continuous winding FRP pipe production line, the number of technical and economic indicators have reached international advanced level, passed the technical appraisal ..

FRP pipe production technology and its developmen..

About FRP pipe production technology FRP pipe production process there are three types: Reciprocating filament winding process, continuous filament winding process and the centrifugal casting proces..

FRP sand and centrifugal casting pipe tender

..ic tender Source: Other Location: Zhejiang Sewage pipe network supporting the second phase project has been approved by relevant departments of the implementation of the tender pre-qualification app..
kewwords : Pipeline Project Hot tenders 2010-05-28

FRP cable protection pipe purchases

..ries: domestic tender Source: Other Project Name: FRP cable protection pipe procurement tenders Location: Jiangsu Province Project Tender Notice: One. FRP cable protection pipe procurement (bidding ..
kewwords : Pipeline Project Hot tenders 2010-03-24

FRP cable protection pipe project procurement

..ject Title: Mechanism of alkali wound in the sand FRP cable protection pipe procurement notice Location: Shandong Province Project Tender Notice: Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone ..
kewwords : Pipeline Project Hot tenders 2009-10-17
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