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Good news: Plum work together, our flash dryer ag..

Recently, Pioneer and Plum Group successfully signed for inosine, guanosine dry flash dryer contract, the number of sets of three, with a total contract value of nearly five million yuan, is another..

Winning news: Zhejiang Juhua PVDF resin (polyviny..

I won in Zhejiang Juhua Co. plant fluoropolymer powder drying system in the winning tender notice. Tender organized by the Zhejiang International Tendering Company hosted technology and equipment to..

[Good News] Shell Tellus hydraulic oil S2M46,68,3..

Shell hydraulic oil [Qingdao] TellusS32, S46, S68 Shell Tellus hydraulic oil [new] power industry starting with the obvious benefit of CDM transaction. CDM transaction type in the six most closely as..

Good news: Pioneer quality again was favored, har..

..f 5.16 million yuan. This is undoubtedly exciting news, not only for the project team greatly encouraged, also affirmed the strength of Pioneer dry! Silica and magnesium hydroxide due to its charact..

Good news: Mido decoration (equity code: 203106) ..

Beijing on December 26, 2014 in the afternoon, accompanied by a loud gong, Jiangsu meter Decoration Co., Ltd. (: Mido decoration, stock code: 203106) hosted equity trading center held a grand ceremo..

..hen Evening News a statement of apolo..

.. reporters, investigation and verification by the newspaper as follows: January 16 around 19:00 pm, Shenzhen Evening News reporter did shoot into the temporary operating room during surgery cornea. ..

..any heaters News: hot in Changchun Investment Co..

January 2015 7-8 Germany, Japan and Europe will integrate water heater turned northeast Changchun investment will be. Venue in Changchun Universal Hotel offers spacious meeting rooms and exhibition .. and sale ne..

I still hope that it should have a separate name, just as a child growing up after she has a name. We do a search for two years, the market share has reached more than 30%, with 360 search such a hy..
kewwords : 2015-01-14

Rainbow-run company in charge of drafting tempera..

Recently, the Rainbow Run Company as the first drafter, developed under the auspices of the "intelligent temperature meter general technical conditions", "intelligent recording instruments General t..
kewwords : Rainbow Run News 2015-01-07

Ceramics industry alliance hold together for warm..

.. home improvement companies, and even television, newspaper publicity channels through its advantages, the organization greater brand alliance activities at home, gained greater popularity. Long Fen..
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